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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Playing Co-host to a VIP

Last Sunday, daddy's very, very BIG boss (the Vice President of the company) from the U.S was here for a visit (biz trip in the Asia region). Since the big boss was in town on a Sunday, daddy, being the person who liaised the most with him, felt obliged to bring him around on a KL city tour. Not willing to sacrifice our Sunday family time, he made mummy and I tag along as well haha.

After our late breakfast (brunch), we took a drive to KLIA to fetch this VIP. Well, let's call him Uncle K. On the way there, daddy missed a turning on the highway as he was too engrossed in a conversation with mummy. Mummy wasn't paying attention to where we were heading either. Daddy finally sensed something amiss when he saw signboards with names of places in Klang! Sei for! Panic-stricken, he made an illegal U-turn at the next and nearest toll (after payment) and sped towards the airport. We managed to reach the airport in time. However, daddy found out that Uncle K's plane (from Bangkok) has landed ahead of time. It was 30 minutes earlier than the ETA. Panic-stricken AGAIN, he kept looking around for Uncle K. Minutes later, he spotted Uncle K walking out of the arrival hall. Phew! What a big relief!

Waiting at the arrival hall of KLIA... Is that him, daddy?

Our next stop was to KL Hilton. While Uncle K was checking-in to his room, I spotted a playground and ran towards it. I befriended a very funny and friendly girl-clown named Bling-Bling...

Bling-Bling asked me a lot of questions and she made me a cute poodle-on-a-leash balloon

Our next destination was Menara KL (KL Tower). It was my very first visit there. The entrance tickets were quite exorbitantly priced at RM38 for adults and RM28 for children above 3. It was less than RM20 for adults when daddy and mummy came here to "pak-tor" many, many years ago.

Inside the high-speed elevator... up, up and away!

This was the first sight that greeted us

The many breathtaking views of the city... thank goodness, the weather was perfect!

Sky-scrapers surrounding the Twin Towers

Walking around and relaxing on the observation deck

Mummy, how come I see nothing?? (I was focusing on the sky, that's why haha)

The entrance fee to the tower was inclusive of a pony ride (only for those weighing 50kg and below). Among the four of us, I was the only one "qualified" to ride on it. Daddy and mummy were very surprised to see my bravery and willingness to sit on it on my own...

My first pony ride

After the ride, I told mummy that I was actually very, very, very scared! Haha!

I was SOOOOO scared but I liked it!

There was also a mini "zoo" there, which housed some weird reptiles and small animals.

Two headed-turtle, albino turtles, raccoons, monkeys, snakes, lizards, birds etc.

One last pic of the tower taken (from the moving car) as we were leaving the carpark

Next stop... KLCC.

We had a small picnic (Rotiboy as snack) in the park

Posing without being told to

And the "compulsory" kiddy rides

After some shopping, it was dinnertime. Uncle K was interested in trying out some of our local food so daddy brought him to Madam Kwan's.

Left: My kiddy meal (spaghetti) Right: Otak-otak

The men's Nasi Lemak and Nasi Bojari

Mummy's fish noodles and our shared desserts... cendol and ABC

We managed to visit only two places of interest in KL due to time constraint. Nevertheless, all of us had a great time and I felt honoured to be able to meet up with Uncle K.


  1. Wow...tagged along with a VIP...if me sure a bit nervous..hahahha..

  2. Nice outing...I believe everyone is happy with the outing.

  3. chloe looks so happy here :D she's not scared of clowns! bravo! :)

  4. Wah...eating with VIP still manage to snap some photos of the food. hehe...

  5. mnhl: Haha that's because the VIP himself was taking photos of his food for remembrance! You can see from the photos that the angle and view of the rice is not nice cos I didn't dare to move his plate haha.

  6. wow..what an important event.. glad that everything went on smoothly!!

  7. Went to the KL Tower like 5 or 6 years ago. Forgotten the price but dont think it was so expensive as now.

    Pony ride? hmm...looks like Auntie qualified la LOL...

    wa...your Papa really "keng" ...nearly arrive Klang ah?

  8. what a happy and meaningful outing.. Chloe looks very yao ying in the pony ride.

  9. bribing in progress? WAHAHAHA....*run away from being hit from Chloe's daddy!*

  10. Ur daddy vy good at killing 2 birds with 1 stone. ;) 1 outing, 2 vy happy parties.

  11. wow, looks like a fun day for everyone. Uncle K has no jet-lag? we have never been to menara KL before. thanks for the info..will make a trip there. i'm sure ashley is interested in the mini zoo more than the view...hehehehee.

  12. Claire: Yeah, besides the morning rush, the rest of the day was perfect :)

    smallkucing: Ya lor... we were shocked by the new price too. Kena "slaughtered" man! Should have diff price for MyKad holders ma. Ya lor, both daddy and mummy also equally blur on the road.. until sampai Bkt Raja edi haha *malu only*

    Mummy to Qiqi: LOL! At the end of the day, Uncle K's shoes looked very nicely polished haha :p

    Mommy to chumsy: No jet-lag cos he came from Bangkok. He was already around SEA for almost a week. Haha same lah, Chloe was more interested in everything else except the view *slap forehead*

  13. Wah~!! Such a privillege for Chloe to escort VIP! LOL! She has done a marvellous job for enjoying the 'tour'!^-^

    Cheers and have a nice day ahead!

  14. Good leh, can bring family along to entertain VIP visitor...nice outing!

  15. Ha, it is a good experience for Chloe to see how her papa entertain his BIG BOSS.

    Btw, I guess the entrance fare you pay are for foreigner. With this kind of price surely scare aways Malaysian to visit KL Tower.

  16. Shenny's Mommy: We actually asked the ticketing officer if there was a special rate for Malaysians and he said NO. After exploring the whole place, we still felt that RM38 was too overpriced! :(

  17. Am sure uncle K was honoured to meet mummy and Chloe too...Chloe must have entertained him with her cute little poses and antics...and mummy sure made a good tour guide:)

  18. Uncle K sure will give Daddy good appraisal. :) I've been to the KL Tower once that was many years ago before I met my Hubby..haha.

    Gwen is afraid of clowns. But girl clown she is ok.

  19. You and Chloe must be VIP too.
    I was getting "kan ciong" reading you guys miss a turn, luckily you didn't make the big VIP wait... Haha

  20. I never know there're so many things to see at the Twin Tower...

    Looks like a nice outing and meeting!

  21. syiok-nya, when i first time there, there wasn't a pony ride. bravo chloe.

  22. Nice business-cum-family tour! If I'm in your daddy situation, I would do the same too!

  23. I wish to have the horse ride too...
    But I have to reduce two more kg!


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