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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Weekend of Fun At The Peak

Last Sunday saw us on a short trip to Genting Highlands again. It was an unplanned mini holiday. It all started when mummy received an sms from Genting's World Card last week, giving her a FREE one night's stay in the First World Hotel. Since it was only valid for a month and applicable during the weekdays (Sunday included), mummy decided to let me ponteng school on Monday *sticks tongue out*, while daddy took a day off from work.

This was my 4th trip to the highland. The last time we came here was on my 3rd birthday. Daddy contemplated on buying the all-park ticket but luckily mummy managed to persuade him to buy only the indoor one because it rained practically the whole day from noon to night!

Here's the breakdown of the 18 rides that I went on: Junior Bumper Car (3x), Monorail (1x), Motion Master 4D Movie (1x), Rio Float (3x), Reindeer Ride (2x), Choo-choo Train (3x), Canal Gondola (2x), Carousel (3x). Too bad, the Ferris Wheel was closed for maintenance. I was so looking forward to ride on it!

The Junior Bumper Car was my FAVOURITE of all the rides. On my first try, I kept going round in circles on the same spot and didn't know how to reverse after hitting the wall. On my second ride, I got the hang of it and could drive fairly well. On my third ride, expert already haha!

Enjoyed the 4D movie very much... I kept putting my hands forward to "touch" and "reach out for" the cute turtle hahaha!

I was so eager to ride on the Ride De Paris. However, I was a bit "over-height". I was only very slightly above the 110cm height limit but the extremely strict ride operator just flatly refused to let me in. This is one BIG disadvantage of being tall :(

Happy to finally sit on the "Whale" Rio Float (after giving way to those queuing behind us). Earlier, according to our queue, we sat on something else and I sulked a bit because I insisted on the whale.

Rides, rides and more rides!

That night, I asked mummy "Is tomorrow Monday?" When mummy said yes, I moaned "But I want to go to school! I want to go to school tomorrow!" and sulked again. In the midst of excitement, I actually missed going to school haha.

The next morning, we went to the arcades (in the Genting Hotel) before heading down to KL for lunch.

We played a few games and won some tickets . Will come back to continue playing and win more hehe :)

Soon, it was bye-bye GH and daddy drove us straight to the Grand Millennium Hotel (again!) for lunch. We had a complimentary dim-sum set lunch at the Zing Chinese restaurant.

Chinese fine dining... with very classy tableware

Here's the 5-course set lunch that we had... (each of the following item is for 1 pax so everything is x2)

Braised peanuts for appetizer and fanciful dim-sum for the first course

Stir-fried fresh Shiitake mushroom with spinach (bor-choy) and barbequed chicken chop with onion rings and asparagus

Noodles with chicken strips, mushroom and bean sprouts and durian tart (very, very yummylicious!)

As usual... I'm the carrot-eating girl

After makan, we walked over to Pavilion (again!) to burn off some calories. What we saw there was a very pleasant surprise... beautiful Christmas deco!


  1. Ohhh... the Christmas decor is up already! Yeah~!

    Wow, mommy is such a detail person, she even counted all the rides Chloe took! Salute! So much fun for Chloe, should bring Little sprouts there one of these days... wow, I'm drooling over the Chinese gourmet already!

    Have a joyful holiday ya!

  2. looks like you had so much fun.
    Nice photos... =)

    Have a Sugary day!
    ~~~ ~~~

  3. Wah, your Genting trip looks great. Yin Yue long time no go Genting already. Last time she was too small or short, couldn't play many games. Chloe is so brave and smart to play all those games lerh.

    It's good that Chloe likes to go to school. My YinYue always don't want to go to school. Sigh. Sometimes still cry in the morning. She said Monday and Tuesday cry, Wednesday Thursday and Friday no cry loh. Headache headache.

    You guys seem got alot of complimentary tickets one hor. So syiok. I love the classy tableware and the foods make me drooling lah. When I see DURIAN TART!!! OMG!!! MY FAVORITE!!!

  4. Look like Chloe spent a very Quality time at Genting Highland again. Her smiles tell all. :)

  5. much good food. i wanna pengsan. i think ashley would love not having to go to school...hahahahahahaa

  6. wow so much fun ah :D. Lucky you. Nevermind la. That operator dont let u play. You can play other things

  7. School holidays coming....need to queue very long for the rides...

  8. fun and nice food there...envy!

  9. Sounds like a fun trip!

    And wah.... you guys alwiz seem to have free vouchers for meals at nice places. So nice!!

  10. Salute you for even counting how many times Chloe went for the rides..haha. We missed going to Genting. OMG..Chloe is so tall! Too bad she couldn't go on that car ride coz it's quite nice and Gwen loves that ride.

    The deco at Pavilion is very beautiful. Oh..the food makes me drool. :P

  11. So fun!!! Bet Genting is very very cold ya. With the rains and all.

  12. Bumper gal dont dare to get in..LOL

  13. We have yet to visit Genting after talking about it so many times. Wow, Christmas deco is up in KL but we have not seen any in KK yet, like very quiet this year.

  14. Wah! Your gal had so many rides!!! How cool to have a complimentary nites stay and also Chinese fine dining dim sum...Sure looks yummy there! I wanna go soak up the Chrismassy atmosphere too! So nice:)

  15. So rajin, wanna go to school somemore.. haha!

  16. Chloe managed to go for so many rides. Fully utilised the paid tix. ;)

  17. yeah man, can count! hahahahaha! i tell u, u ppl seriously pandai "tarn sai kai"... shiok giler!

  18. Genting, one of my fav holiday spot:-)

    Chloe definitely had a great time there.

  19. Wow, Pavilion looked different and beautiful with Christmas decor. Chloe was having so much fun in GH.


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