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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Eating and Food-shopping Spree in Ipoh

Our annual day-trip to Ipoh was due again. Mah-mah needed to get something done over there while we just tagged along for a jalan-jalan sambil makan-makan trip. The following day was also Yeh-yeh's birthday and since Yeh-yeh loved food, this trip was just perfect for him. We woke up really early at 6am and started our journey at around 7am+. All 7 of us went in one car... Koo-koo's MPV.

We had hor-hee for brunch...

Hor hee... hor-fun soup with fishballs and fishcake slices.

Besides hor-hee, we also had all these side orders...

Chee-cheong fun

"Pillow" dumpling

Ipoh white coffee and cream caramel

After a very satisfying meal, I told mummy "I LOVE this (hor-hee) because don't have any veggies in it"

Later, after travelling around in the hot sun, we went to another coffeeshop for some cool and refreshing drinks...

Thirst-quenchers... watermelon and sa-lei (umpera) sour plum juice

We also saw a mobile-stall selling what they claimed as "The best cendol in Menglembu town". We were curious to try it but since it was too hot outside, we "tapau-ed" and ate it in the car...

Cendol with jagung... Quite good!

Later in the evening, we went to Pusing, daddy's birthplace. We went to Sook-gung and Sook por's house. I had my very first cold bath here. They used to have a well and both daddy and mummy loved bathing their cool, well water. The hot and humid weather made us very sweaty and sticky. We queued up and took turns to have the much-needed bath. After freshening up, we were told that the water was actually piped water (already pre-collected in a HUGE concrete water tank) hahaha. The well was no longer in use.

Oh yes, we also continued eating...

Pusing's yummy sweet and savoury kuih-muih for afternoon tea

Later, we went to a nearby shop for dinner. Most of the adults had curry lai-fun (a type of rice noodles)...

Curry lai-fun

My gon-lou lai-fun

We ate our noodles with these...

Two big bowls of assorted "yong liu"....

... and sotong kangkung

... and added more ROJAK to our already very rojak tummies hehe!

*BUUUUUURP* After our nearly 12-hour eating marathon, we finally left for home and reached home close to midnight. Koo-koo's MPV was also stuffed to the brim with all kinds of goodies. Here's our share...

Tambun pomelo, guavas, hap tou sou cookies and soy sauce

Our favourite Hong Kee egg tarts!

More pillow dumplings (the same one that we had earlier in the coffeeshop)

We also managed to find and buy the much talked about JJ Swissrolls. Mummy loves the fact that they are made with fresh fruits and vegetables, preservative-free and low in sugar.

Mummy bought the durian and cempedak combo... they were so soft, cottony, fragrant and good!

Vegetable cakes, anyone? Mummy also bought these unusual mini swissrolls in carrot, pumpkin, spinach and banana flavours. Very unique indeed!


  1. wow... so much food!! Really a trip on food and more food, right! :)

  2. my car always fill to the brim whenever I am back to Ipoh or Teluk Intan.. I wonder how come there got so many good food to be 'ta pao'..

  3. aisay...when i go there tarak the fruit mini swiss rolls. Habis jual LOL

  4. Hmmm.. Ipoh is indeed a food paradise!

  5. What a torture seeing all the food pics..hehe. I don't know where to find food if I were in Ipoh. *slap forehead*

  6. Woah! Food post! Love all the food, especially JJ cakes!!

  7. Hahahah, and more food,it was really a Dai shi yui for the whole family, i bet..........

    i think Ipoh is really a food haven

  8. gosh so much good food. my tummy was doing somersault just now. i so miss ipoh :)

  9. Awww...i want the pillow dumpling!!!! I love it so much.

  10. Wow! I am drooing at Curry Lai Fun, Pillow Dumplings and also the Hor Hee.

  11.'re making me hungry.....*sitting in the office and typing this..lunch time but not yet going out*

  12. omg! I'm hungry! Ipoh always has so many nice foods... and ya, seems like many mummy bloggers visits Ipoh lately.

  13. U also went to Ipoh ! hahah.....

    The hor hee look so delicious. I love fishballs and fish cakes.

    During my trip to ipoh, i forgotten about the JJ swissroll. So sad!!!! Maybe next trip I shall go and hunt for it.

  14. OMGGG... so much of goodies!!! Caramel pudding... with coffee?! So tempted(tangan gatal liao...), and the cendol... slurp!

  15. wow, that is really a lot of NICE food!!! really a fruitful trip to Ipoh and contented with all the nice stuffs~~ just a long list i'm going to say which one i like, but then now i'd say ALL (except that durian lah, haha)~~ :)

  16. I think I must stop-by Ipoh when going to Penang & look for this JJ Swiss Roll since it's strongly recommend by many bloggers :-)

  17. I simply love ipoh's food.. so yummy!~

  18. aiyoyo, seeing all food u posted make me so hungry now. :)

  19. adui... i betul-betul drooling now... s there any nice hotel in ipoh? i wonder if it's worth it for my family to go just for food? hahaha!

  20. AIYOOOOOOOOOOOO im hungry for the chee cheong fun, the dumplings, the yong tau foo! how laaaaaaaa!

  21. YAHOO! Another Ipoh kaki.

    I know where you got the pillow dumpling. Forgot about it. Must introduce it to hubby the next time I go back.

    AND....another soya sauce kaki also. I only get soya sauce from Ipoh.

  22. So many good food wor, making me drooling now.


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