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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Last weekend, I received quite a lot of gifts.

The first was a parcel from Astro. After 3 long weeks of wild goose chase with the courier company, we finally received the package on Saturday, right in the nick of time, as we were opening the door to go out! If we had gone out 30 seconds earlier, we would have missed it again. Phew!

The parcel comprised of some gifts that we have won in an online Astro contest (for Fun package subscribers) that mummy couldn't even remember participating in. We only won the consolation prize but the prizes were very attractive to me!

I love them all!

Me and my prizes... I did contribute to the winning slogan :)

My FAVOURITE was the Tigger and Pooh pop-up tent. I spent hours playing in it and even wanted to sleep in it at night haha!

Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin!

Chilling out with my "best friends" - Annie the baby doll and Tom the teddy bear - and putting the little portable fan to good use :)

On the very same day, Ah Ma also passed me a bag that contained goodies from Africa and Australia...

African blouse and dress given by Yee Por, who just returned from a holiday to South Africa

And the following are more goodies from Piu-yee (mummy's cousin) from Melbourne...

Easter bunny chocolates with cute bells!

Sweet purple polka dot blouse, Snakes gummy candies (my favourite!) and Disney Princesses washable marker pens

Thank you Yee Por and Piu-yee for the lovely gifts!


  1. wow, so many goodies. you are one lucky girl, Chloe :)

  2. congrats on the winning.. and you are such a lucky girl! :D

  3. Wah... so nice, so many gifts!! It's always fun to receive so many gifts at the same time!

  4. Wow~ that's a lot of goodies in one day :D
    Love the tent and pink dresses!

  5. Congrats on the winning from Astro. Love the pop-up tent.

  6. Congrats of the winning gifts. Wah so many gifts for you ar girl, so lucky.

  7. wah, consolation prize also so shiok wan! nice! i loikee the tent!

  8. Washable marker-pen...something Juan Juan has asked for a long long time(those IKEA's one)!

    Congratulation on the winning and those delicate little gifts, little Chloe must hv felt really thankful!

  9. wow..hopefully Chloe's house still have space to keep her so many lucky goodies.

  10. I like the tent too :) Very nice!

  11. Congrats!!! Lovely gifts from Astro especially the tent.

  12. So lucky to have so many nice gifts :)

  13. congrats on winning from the Astro's contest! All gifts are so nice & lovely :-)

  14. I wonder how come I miss this out. So many goodies for Chloe. Congrats on the winning.


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