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Monday, May 2, 2011

To Catch a Thief

Last weekend, in Ah Ma's house, we caught a "thief". This "thief" has been feasting on Ah Ma's fruits in her mini fruit garden, creating nuisance and holes in her precious papayas and custard sweet-sops.

This "thief" was none other than the naughty little squirrel and this squirrel must be one of the off-springs or siblings of the many squirrels that Gung-gung has caught in the past.

Some of Ah Ma's fruits of labour... the papaya was partially nibbled by the naughty squirrel!

Mummy quickly asked Gung-gung to set the mouse-trap again so that I could have a closer look at the culprit. Well, luck was on our side. The very next morning, the mouse trap was OCCUPIED!

Using a slice of papaya as bait.... GOTCHA!

Gung-gung said this was a "teenager squirrel"... not fully grown up yet. It was rather small and its tail was not quite bushy yet and mummy thought it looked more like a rat... eeewwwwww! But I adored it!

Hello squirrel! I had a good, close-up look at the squirrel before it got "exiled" to a faraway land

Previously, Gung-gung always released his catch in a forest nearby but today, since I was around, he brought us to the Lake Gardens instead.

As soon as Gung-gung opened the cage in the Lake Garden, the squirrel sprang out, ran up a huge tree and disappeared into it within seconds!

Wheeeeeeeeee! Free at last (but no more papayas for you!)

Bye-bye squirrel. On our way home, I pulled a long face and said "I miss the squirrel" haha.


  1. Oh.. it is cute to me though :P
    I was curious what you gonna do with this little animal... luckily you let it go, haha :P

  2. Squirel : luckily they didn't like squirrel meat :P

  3. Some of the methods I heard to "silent" the caged pests are, "submerge" the cage into water or leave outside for "sunbathing" a few days (or even weeks). I hate pests but I think it's cruel to kill them... Amitabha.... Normally I set them free in a faraway land :p

    p/s: both my kids are like Chloe.... love furry animals, like rats or squirrels, cats or dogs.

  4. Smallkucing: The fruit in the middle is noni... very stinky one, even the squirrel didn't "hau" haha :p

  5. ya, the baby squirrel looks like a mouse lei... :p

  6. o i c...hahaha..hope the little fella wont come back again

  7. small little guy but it look really a mouse. Somehow my friend said the squirrel maybe had mix breed with mouse.

  8. gosh it does look like a rat! chloe, tell mummy to get you one as pet :D

  9. The thief is so greedy...the papaya really enticed it so easily...what a breeze catching it! Next time, can catch and keep as a pet...Chloe will be delighted, for sure.

  10. Ohhh.... how I wish I can catch a squirrel or perhaps a shrew, just to show the little ones! Bet they will be amazed like Chloe!

  11. I have never seen a squirrel this close before. Chloe is an animal lover too huh. :)

  12. Instead Me catching a mouse last was terror**LOL!!

  13. This reminds me of one morning 3 years ago when we saw an adult squirrel near our tv set in the living room! Daddy caught it just before leaving for work, and handed it to vic's kindy for the kids to see. Vic named it, Omo.

  14. Eh, btw did mummy give you a special soup the next day, maybe it was squirrel soup? Kekekeke... sorry, cheeky thought from aunty irene ; )


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