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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Random Happenings

This school holiday is going to be the most boring one ever. Daddy and mummy did not plan any holiday outings at all. Nothing much is happening so far and mummy and I are practically rotting away at home. I keep complaining "I'm bored, mummy. I'm very bored..." but mummy can only nod in agreement "me too" haha.

Here are some random happenings over the past 2 weeks...

Wardrobe Malfunction

I was given a t-shirt and pants and told to change on my own before going out...

It was after entering the lift that mummy noticed I had my top put on "front-side-back". Silly me haha!


Gung-gung caught another squirrel in Ah Ma's mini fruit orchard again. We made yet another trip to the Lake Gardens to set it free.

Finally, a "grown-up" squirrel that looked like a squirrel, not a rat :)

The Way I Sit

Mummy noticed that I sit in the most awkward ways and hardly the proper way.

Dining in a restaurant...

A contortionist in the making...

LRT Ride

I had my second LRT ride two weekends ago. We went to KLCC and bought MPO (Malaysian Phiharmonic Orchestra) tickets for a show next month. This is going to be my very first orchestral concert.

I loved the LRT ride very much!

Cotton Candy

After watching a few cartoons on tv that featured cotton candies, I was very curious to try it. Finally, I spotted them at a candy stall in a mall and kept bugging mummy to get one for me. Mummy said no but I pleaded with her until I got it...

Yay! Can't wait to taste it! Outcome: I didn't like it :(

Video Games

I have been playing quite a lot of violent, warrior-fighting PS games with daddy *mummy shakes head*. This is a typical scene in the living room at night when daddy is around...

Sshhhh! Don't disturb. I'm busy "fighting" with daddy...


I have taken a liking to reading comics lately, thanks to mummy's new collection of Baby Blues comic books. Mummy used to go crazy over this comic strip years ago (she still does now!) and she nearly named me Zoe, can you believe it?

I love reading about the kids, esp Zoe and Hammie's bickering and mischiefs (something that I can relate to hehe). Mummy reads to me on most parts and I will giggle at the situations that I find amusing :D


  1. Daddy sending you for dancing lesson or not?

    This squirrel baru look like squirrel. The other day punya looks like rat. Hmm...maybe this is the mummy squirrel . Hope no daddy squirrel in Gung Gung mini orchard

  2. Wah you can bend your legs like this, can go kids yoga loh haha. Oh Orchestra sure will be a great experience to you. Aunty thought to bring my girl going too, but I can sense she won't be appreciate and entertaining so much, got to set pause 1st.

  3. so many things happening.... guess it is not that boring afterall.... i saw my fil caught a bird in the cage today... he used buah nona ad the bait.

  4. Hmm.... Chloe's days don't look boring to me. Squirrel, lake garden, LRT outing, KLCC, sweet cotton candy, games & comics - not that bad :)

    Btw, I was once crazy over that Baby Blues comic too and almost named my son Hamish.... hahaha! Hubb doesn't like it unfortunately :(

  5. Your little girl grow up so fast yeah.....did u miss her 'baby' moment?

  6. can start to do kids yoga now... with some training, I am sure you can bend your body very well.. ya, school holiday can be boring if no activities ya.. :D

  7. Your leg is so flexible....should go and learn ballet.

  8. still has another week to go so can plan a quick getaway :) hey, i like Baby Blues too. They are hilarious. Zoe is a nice name. Chloe sounds a bit like Zoe ....hehehehe

  9. Can see that she's really "glued" to the tv in the video games photo!

    btw, I love the Baby Blues comics too :)

  10. Wah...she is flexible. Seems like quite some fun too....LRT and books and orchards! Hope she will love the orchestra.

  11. i also didnt have any plan for my gal during her holiday....except we went for a short trip

  12. wah..kept the squarrel for so long? feed it with fruits?

  13. Smallkucing: She's not interested in dancing ler. In fact, she's hardly interested in anything... music, don't want. Ballet, don't want. Art, don't want :(

    Linda & Yvonne: All these activities happened before the school holidays. We are still bored now :p

    Alice: Of course, I miss her baby moments. Luckily I have almost everything jotted down in this blog. Once in a while, will just re-read all the old posts to relive those sweet memories...

    Chinnee: No lah, this is another squirrel. We released both at the Lake Gardens already. I'm sure there will be more coming... the fruits are too tempting for them :)

  14. Chloe, you can go attend yoga classes already =P

  15. My little May too likes to sit with knees bending like Chloe. I keep reprimanding her to sit properly.

  16. I love comics too, Spidie and Dilbert were my favourite!;D

  17. Sarah also love to do the W-Sitting.
    I have advice her many times not to do so, but she still finds it comfortable with that! Alamak!


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