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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Big Cleanup

One evening last week, mummy was shocked to find both my eyes red and swollen. We did not go anywhere and had spent the whole day at home. After just one hour of not seeing me (she went to cook dinner), she discovered that I had developed some eye irritation when she came out from the kitchen.

Itchy tiny bumps around both eyes

Luckily, the bumps and redness were cleared within 10 minutes without any medication. Mummy just lightly splashed both my eyes with water and patted them dry.

Unsure about what has caused this, clean-freak mummy decided to do what she does best... cleaning! Besides cleaning and sanitizing the floor and sofa (she does this every single day), she also made me wash my toys. The main suspects were the toys that I have been playing with that day...

We washed the alphabet foam mats (we wash this quite often)

We washed the MegaBloks (mummy used to wash this very often when I was younger)

We also dismantled all my Lego creations and washed them brick by brick... thousands of them (from 2 out of my 3 sets)!

Spread out for drying...

Mummy: Wah! So many Legos!
Me: It's so MUCH Lego, mummy. There's too much, it's uncountable.
Mummy: Yeah, you're probably right haha.

Since the cleaning mood was still on, mummy decided to wash my soft toys as well (although they were all kept away). This is actually Part 2 of the long-delayed Part 1 back in April 2009! My poor furry pals had a crazy spin in the washing machine today. Although some of them had labels stated "Surface wash only", mummy didn't care at all and dumped everything in.

These fellars were so big that they could only go in 2 or 3 at a time...

Wanna go for a spin? Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Hang them up and say thank you to the scorching sun and searing heat!


  1. wahh...really big wash.

    Chloe got eat anything out of the ordinary that day or not? Last time i took med and then my eyes grew puffy like that.

    Another time was I was eating something..twisties or O Ya..then didnt wash hand properly and rubbed my eyes. Become puffy like that too.

    It went away after a rest

    Hope Chloe is better now.

  2. Small kucing: She didn't eat anything new or unusual that day. The funny thing was, after washing, it just cleared on its own and never came back. I think it's caused by rubbing her eyes with her dirty hands.

  3. just splash the toys with clear water? no soap?

    i must try...

    how about those with batteries?

    when i had a ftm, i got her to wipe all the by one...*hak sum*

  4. You are really clean!! I think you will faint with my standard of cleanliness. he hee.. ;)

  5. Really a BIG cleanup! I like the last photo, dont know why.. haha..

  6. Wow...a big cleanup.
    I also like to keep everything clean and neat esp those toys. Have to wash them regularly.

  7. I see the lego pieces i pengsan dy lor!

  8. I salute you la...U definitely beat me hands down about being a clean freak!!! haha! I think I have never cleaned my kids blocks before! (malu!)

  9. Shame to tell you, I hardly washed Shenny's toys, only one time when she had hand foot and mouth disease. Also, I remember that I didn't wash as thoroughly as you do. I really salute you and shame to myself for being such a 'dirty' and lazy mom.

  10. wow that is lots of legos haha. Good exercise for both of you.

  11. you and chloe so hardworking huh? I just wipe my daughter toys with anti-bacterial solution :P paiseh. Carol doesn't like fluffy toys so just keep away, better huh coz when dusty all of us will be sneezing away

  12. LOL @ your hanging furry friends. Mummy is really in the cleaning mood.

    I seldom wash the toys.... er, just keep them in boxes to prevent dust from collecting :p

  13. U just remind me to clean up my toys too .... :P

  14. The hot weather is really helpful to dry all your stuffs. By the way, mummy Chloe and Chloe have done such a good job in cleaning up the toys. I am sure you feel the satisfaction at the end of the day. Cleaning up indeed is a very good holiday activity too.

  15. wah...u taking de effort to watch the lego block..if me pengsan jor.

    as for the soft toys, i also dump them in the washing machine...for faster drying

  16. Wah mummy I really salute you. So paiseh ler coz some of gwen's soft toys I have never washed before. I think I will do a major clean up as I'm in KL now.

  17. If my kids saw Chloe's lego set, thy will be screeching in glee, thy love lego but we hvn't get thm a decent one!

    I actually encounter similar allergy before, my culprit was flour!


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