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Monday, September 12, 2011

Melbourne City Tour & Family Dinner 1

Day 3: 2nd Sept 2011, Friday

Mei yiyi had to go to work today so Becky yiyi (mummy's other cousin) became Ms. Tour Guide of the day. Becky yiyi is an extremely friendly person and I warmed up to her quite immediately. It was also the first time I met her in person. Becky yiyi drove us to the city for a day tour. She parked the car at the carpark of the national art gallery so that we could take a short walk to Flinders Street to catch a tram.

Just outside the National Gallery of Victoria
Before starting the tour, Becky yiyi needed her coffee fix so she brought us to a swanky cafe in the art gallery for a mid-morning tea. At the food display counter, mummy was captivated by the pretty sight of pastel coloured macarons sitting invitingly in huge bowls! We ordered a few to try...

Finally! Our very first taste of macarons... my favourite was salty caramel, mummy's favourite was rose petal and daddy's favourite was raspberry. Sweeeeeet but yummylicious! 
After our mid-morning tea, we took a walk to Flinders Street to catch the City Circle tram
The Yarra River with the skyline of Melbourne city in the background
Flinders Street Station... one of Melbourne's most famous landmarks
At the main entrance of the station with Becky yiyi
The City Circle Tram... it's free of charge and touring around the city was really easy and convenient  
Sitting with Becky yiyi in the tram
We hopped off the tram and took a short walk to the renowned Queen Victoria Market. There was quite a lot to see there... from common fares to unusual stuff...
Fresh kangaroo meat was sold in almost every meat deli but we never got around to try it... well, maybe next time *wink*

The wide array of local produce at the fresh market section... strawberry was just one of the very few fruits that I could identify

We had lunch in one of the many al-fresco cafes in Federation Square. From where we were seated, we had a good view of the city including the Eureka Skydeck 88

Our lunch... XXL-burgers, chips and chocolate milk shake.  The burgers were so humongous that mummy did not order any for me. I just nibbled a bit here and there of daddy's chicken burger and mummy's veggie-burger and... *burp* it was more than enough for us! Oh by the way, the burgers were good!
After lunch, we took a slow walk to the Royal Botanic Gardens. We only managed to cover a small part of the the very large park.

Early spring... most of the trees were still very "bald"

The Shrine of Remembrance... Victoria's war memorial of National Significance
On the way back, we walked around the inside of the art gallery before leaving. The stained glass on the high ceiling of this building was really nice 
Later in the evening, we went for dinner at Koo-kong (mummy's Kau-foo) and Grandaunt Carol's house. Koo-kong and Grandaunt Carol are Becky yiyi's parents.
Nathan, Alyssa and I helping ourselves to the basket of potato chips before the other guests' arrival... 
Koo-kong and Grandaunt Carol prepared a very delish meal for us... fresh prawns, beef sausages, ravioli (pasta with cheese and spinach stuffing), cold meat, avocado salad and BBQ chicken wings.
Desserts... fresh strawberries, ice cream, chocolate cake and more chocolates!
Joining us in the dinner were a few of mummy's other cousins and their families so I was introduced to more cousins there...

Left pic: With adorable Saoirse (Becky yiyi's daughter), an extremely friendly toddler who kept hugging me :)
Right pic: With Kai Yin, my only peer among the kids there (born in the same year)... we all played together like best friends :)

One for the album... with all my cute, tiny-tot Australian cousins


  1. wow, like a huge family reunion there hor..

    and the macarons, i've never got the chance to try it yet, u so lucky to tasted it here...

    kangaroo burger?? hmmm, should have try mah, malaysian cannot find ler..

  2. By looking at the photos (Flinders Street Station, Victoria War Memorial, Yarra River,Victoria Market and etc..), made auntie fall in love with Melbourne again.

  3. Wow, Chloe has got so many cousins in Australia.

  4. So nice to have relatives abroad. The food koo kong and grand aunt prepared looks so yummy. Chloe has so many cute cousins.

  5. All the kids are so cute and happy!!

  6. wah so many cousins you have in Australia. Nice trip you have. The scenery and places are beautiful.

  7. It was such nice family and relative gathering in Australia, the food looks really yummy. I can see that Chloe's hair was really long hear. I like her new hair style more, very cute.

  8. I like Chloe's apparel which consists of dark and light pink and purple hues. So pretty!

    Btw, Becky yiyi is of mix parentage? She looks so kwai-po :) Her daughter Saoirse is beautiful~

  9. Yvonne: Yes, Becky yiyi is half-Chinese and half-Caucasian and her little girl has only 1/4 Chinese blood in her ;)

  10. nice photos. i like the last one with all the cute children :)

  11. Mouth watering when looking at your macaron experience pix. Glad you like it too! Yumz...and so cool that you managed to catch the city circle tram:) Chloe must had a blast of a time with all her Aussie cousins:)

  12. Love the pics, some bring back fond memories of our trip there with Vic in 2006. Glad you enjoying yourself!

  13. Ohhhh... hearts for the beautiful macarons and Victoria market!!! I'll sure spend at least a whole day in the market just to get surrounded by such fresh and assorted produce!!!

    Ohhh, the dinner looks so heavenly for little kiddos!

  14. you got so many relatives in Australia. Did you try the Spanish donuts in the Queen's Vic market ? It was sooooo delicious.......... am craving for it!

  15. Spring is beautiful there! I like all the photos! :D

  16. I know the burger is extremely large...ahhahah. Wish to visit Melbourne one day.....looooong way to go..hahahha

  17. am surprise to learn that Kangaroo is EDIBLE...eeeee...*sorry*


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