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Monday, September 12, 2011


After months of being bombarded with unflattering comments about my long, messy (and very often sweaty) hair, mummy finally brought me to the hair saloon for my second haircut on Saturday.

That's my new look! :)

Before heading to the hair saloon, mummy asked if it was ok for me to have my hair cut short and I said YES. I did not hesitate or protest because I was not at all bothered about my looks. I am not the type who pays attention to my physical appearance and I do not feel self-conscious about beauty and stuff.

After the haircut, I looked at myself in the mirror, touched my hair and exclaimed (as if in disbelief) "I have short hair now!" When asked if I preferred my hair long or short, I just replied "Both!" and gave mummy a big smile :)

My hair facts
- I was born with quite a lot of hair but it started shedding when I was a few months old.
- I had very, very slow hair growth when I was younger... it grew extremely slowly compared to other kids my age.
- Up until I was 3 years old, I've never had a real haircut and my hair was still very, very short (like a boy)!
- It only started growing at a "normal rate" after I turned 4.
- I had my very first hair cut last year (at 43 months) where I cried until I vomited at the hairdresser's *embarrassed*
One of my many BAD HAIR DAYS as a baby
Bye-bye long hair... my hair at its LONGEST in Sept 2011


  1. Your new hair cut is nice, Chloe. I bet your head feels 'lighter' too! ^^

  2. long hair is nice, short hair is fresh!~

  3. I like both also. She look fresh & cute in her short hair.

  4. hahhhhahhhhaa...i can't help laughing at chloe's bad hair day as a baby. she didn't look very happy then to have her photo take...LOL!!! She looks cute with a shorter hairstyle. Long hair tends to make little girls look more mature.

  5. you look terrific after the hair cut :)

  6. I like the baby's hair, she is so cute... no need gel also can stand so nice.. hahaha...

  7. Long hair makes Chloe more girly, but short hair brings out the cuteness in her.

    Her baby photo is so adorable!! With the 'standing' hair and frowned face, I couldn't stop laughing at it.

  8. Btw, my girl refuses to have a hair cut. She wants to keep her hair as long as rapunzel *roll eyes*

  9. Chloe looks fresh in short hair. Hehe..auntie prefers to see her in short hair.

  10. So sayang chopping off your long hair... auntie just started to adore it few posts ago... sob sob!

    But with your big round eyes, you look pretty and cheerful with your short cut too!^^

  11. Wow, she just like Yan Yan, tidak apa for keeping the hair short.. Chloe looksmore sweet in longer hair.

  12. Chloe looks so adorable with short hair. Oh I cannot imagine how Gwen looks like with short hair. I so wanted to cut her hair short but she won't let me.

  13. I also just brought my girls for a hair trim yesterday. Both chopped 2 inches of hair from their heads. Sometimes, long hair will make the kids look really untidy and messy. I agree with Mummy Chloe.

  14. Ur gal hair is very neat after the trim. never mind lar, when grow older, can keep long hair stil.

    Hey, wish a very 中秋节快乐..hope is not too late.


  15. my girl refuse to have her hair cut! Chloe looks very pretty in both long and short hair !

  16. this new style is way too cuteeeee

  17. For me, she look good with both hairstyle.


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