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Friday, November 11, 2011

I Love Them, I Love Them Not!

Because I Have You
On the way to school one day, while walking hand in hand with me (we walk to school every morning), mummy felt very happy, blessed and contented so she asked me...

Mummy: Are you a happy child?
Me: Yes!
Mummy: What makes you happy?
Me: When I am with you, I feel happy. I am happy because I have you and daddy :)
Mummy related this to daddy and both their hearts melted.

Sick, Sick lah
It was raining one morning so we did not walk to school. Mummy drove me there and wanted to drop me off at the covered lobby area so that neither of us would get wet. I did not want to get down on my own and insisted that she parked the car in the open carpark and use an umbrella to go down with me...

Mummy: What if I get wet in the rain and fall sick?
Me: Sick, sick lah... after that, you will get well wat!
Mummy: *rolls eyes* *heart shattered*

Daddy's Back-Stabber
Mummy the fussy clean-freak wipes my bicycle (esp the tyres) after each ride outside, before it is allowed to be pushed into the house. While she was wiping my bicycle one day...

Mummy: *in complain mode* You always make me spend so much time wiping your bicycle. See, I help you wipe until it's so sparkling clean! (expecting me to thank her)
Me: Ya la, not like daddy.... cincai wipe only! (daddy was not at home then)
Daddy: *shakes head* *heart shattered*

Good girl or bad girl?


  1. Hmm.. good and bad girl ^^
    I guess most kids are like that la~

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hehehe, nevertheless Chloe is still daddy's girl and mummy's precious!

  3. very sweet abd pretty girl.....

  4. If daddy and mummy are good, Chloe is good girl. Right? No issue.

  5. haha...cute girl ! Looking at the bike, really tempt me to buy one for YX.

  6. Beautiful Chloe, such a funny girl yet so innocent hahaha... Made my day, kisses :)


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