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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Trout Farm, The Nobbies and Our Shopping Loot

Okay, okay, this is the last post of our Melbourne trip...

On the second day of our Philip Island trip, right after the beach outing in Sunderland Bay, daddy & mummy chose to go to The Nobbies while Mei yiyi and her family wanted to go fishing. I was given 2 options... to follow daddy mummy or to follow Mei yiyi's family. I chose to follow Mei yiyi's family (because I wanted to be with the kids) so off to the trout farm we went.

Rhyll Trout and Bush Tucker Farm

Look, I'm holding a real fishing rod and I'm... I'm fishing! It's my very first time and it could also probably be my one and only fishing experience cos daddy and mummy aren't into this...

See, I'm really fishing :) Waiting... at the outdoor pond

After waiting for about 20 minutes with still no sign of fishes, we (the kids) started to get a bit restless so we moved to the indoor pond...

David yi-jeong giving me a helping hand. Within 2 minutes, we felt something... 

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive...

Catch of the day!

The whopping 1kg rainbow trout, the biggest catch ever in David yi-jeong's fishing history! (and it burned a small hole in his pockets too... yes, we had to pay for the fish and we were not allowed to throw it back into the pond hehe)

Meanwhile, daddy and mummy went "pak-tho" and took a slow drive to The Nobbies. 

They didn't spot any seals but saw flocks and flocks of seagulls.

The Nobbies are the 2 rock islands

Nesting seabirds

The weather was not so good... it rained and was freezing cold! Daddy and mummy did not complete the boardwalk  and left in a hurry because they were threatened by the dark clouds and strong winds

Lastly, we lugged home one large suitcase filled with nothing else but 20kg worth of goodies...

Thank goodness for the baggage weight limit or mummy could have bought even more :p

The heaviest... chocolates!

16 bars altogether (mummy only bought 5 bars, the rest were all gifts for family members back home)

The most expensive... nuts! 

Most value for money (in other words, CHEAPEST)... fish oil! (These are very heavy too)

... and finally, the cutest of the lot!

~ The end ~


  1. wow....what a fine catch....and all the toys too

  2. Big catch, Chloe! I've never been to any fishing trip, too.

    And chocolate!! My all time favourite (no wonder my weight remains unchanged)....

  3. wow, that's a big fish. it's so much fun to go fishing. when i saw the words Shopping Loot, i got very excited :D There's so many chocs! The nuts sure look yummy. Great for snacking :)

  4. That trout was a real whooper. Glad you caught something..always makes the activity worthwhile. Love the loot you brought home to Msia too, esp the chocs.

  5. Wow look at the shopping loots! hehe.. I didnt buy any chocolates this time, have had enough there during the trip, hehe..

  6. Love those nuts. Didn't you buy some goat milk products like lotion for yourself?

  7. Wow Chloe caught a big fish! The chocolates surely enough "supply" for a year or more, hehehe :-)

  8. really bought a lot back from Aussie. The Fish oil is a must ya. So cheap !

  9. Oh what a feeling!!! Your gal had the experience of a lifetime to catch a big fish! Really like the pic of her fishing in action and proudly displaying the huge fish thereafter catching it! Amazing pic!

    OMG!!! You brought back so many goodies!!! Overweight or not? hehe. The fish oil really cheap right? Wish I had bought more...if only it did not have an expiry date...hehe.

  10. Wah...Chloe caught a monster fish..haha. What a good catch.

    I want to try fish oil but I'm not sure what are the benefits of taking them.

    Love your shopping loot. I love chocs.

  11. Sheoh Yan: I don't really fancy goat's milk products. I did buy some when I went to NZ last time and it took me years to finish using them up :p

  12. What a catch! Aus have so much goodies to grab if we know. Macadamia nuts and chocolates! U forget to buy something back, their local ginger sweets, very nice one...

  13. Wow, Chloe caught her 1st trout, amazing!

    LOL, eyeing for the nuts, good for cookies and bake goods!

  14. What a great trip and Chloe is really happy with her catch I can see :) :)

    You really can shop a lot and look at those chocolate!!!!!! The taste is not the same as those we bought in Malaysia?

  15. Well done girl, the trout is so big.
    Haha dark choc. mommy favourite huh. Oh yes aunty love those nuts too.

  16. Wow, it is such a big fish. I am drooling on your shopping loots. The nuts packing is so compact and cute. The fish oil if for yourself or Chloe?

  17. It was such a fun experience.
    I always wish to bring Sarah for fishing coz I love it too!

    Yummy, I love macademia nuts!


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