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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I received some very nice birthday presents from my loved ones recently...

Not many but I love them all!

Ceramic tea party set from Aunty BS, mummy's childhood buddy

Mould & paint kit from Yee Ma (together with an ang pau)

An interesting and informative book from my best friend, Aaron

Hello Kitty playhouse from Kau-foo

Cute pair of blouse and shorts (Marks & Spencer), also from Kau-foo

And the following are all from daddy and mummy... 

Bop It XT... I'm now playing the "Master" level and I'm really good in this (better than daddy!)

My very first two Geronimo Stilton books... I love it! I'd curl up at a cosy corner of the sofa, read this on my own and laugh aloud when I come across something funny hahaha...

6-in-1 collection of my favourite Where's Wally books (bought at a further price reduction of RM49.95 )

UNO Spin (daddy, mummy and I are hooked to this and we play this every night after our dinner)

In deep concentration... putting stickers on the furniture of my Hello Kitty playhouse

Once again, a big thank you to Auntie BS, Kau-foo, Yee Ma, Auntie Stephanie (Aaron's mummy) and not forgetting Ah Ma, Gung-gung, Yee Por and Yee Ma for the angpaus! 


  1. Happy belated birthday again Chloe :)

  2. That's alot of presents! Wah Chloe is reading Geronimo Stiltons advanced.

  3. Wow~ What lovely presents and Chloe is so blessed to be loved by many.

    I'm interested to see what's inside the mould and paint kit, and its outcome :)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday. many lovely presents and good books.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to Chloe!

    I love the tea party set!

  6. such lovely presents! Lots of pressies to keep Chloe occupied and entertained. good bargain for d where's Wally book...

  7. awesome gifts :) you are such a lucky girl, Chloe :)

  8. Wow! wow! wow! So many pressies. If I were to choose, I like Ceramic tea party set the most.

  9. so many pressies, girl you are lucky.

  10. So many presents...a happy girl.

  11. Wah, so many presents. She must be extremely happy. We hv bop it XT too. And it's really embarrassing when our response is so terrible compared to the kids. hahaha

  12. there are a few toys that I never see before!

  13. Happy...happy.So many canggih toys!

  14. That sure is a lot of toys and books to keep her really really busy for the next few months. Mummy, enjoy yourself playing UNO with her too...ya? hehehe.

  15. Happy birthday princess! You are truly blessed with awesome presents!
    Stay cute and kuai2 lor...

  16. Wow! Those are really great gifts you have there! Bop it! Fuh!

  17. Happy belated B'day to Chloe.....


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