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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Blossoms

They say that springtime is the most beautiful season and we agree (who doesn't, anyway). Well, let's start off with something closer to home first.

Recently, mummy discovered a small but beautiful garden right inside our apartment compound... and this was after staying here for nearly 2 months! The apartment compound is vast (with close to 30 residential blocks!) and the garden is just a few blocks away from ours.

I guess it's not too late to discover this place because the meteorological spring has only just begun. In China, there are 2 springs... calendar spring (Lunar CNY) and meteorological spring (defined by average temperatures within a specific period). The warmer climate (although it still feels like winter to us) is starting to bring some colours back into the landscapes...

Pink and white blooms stand out among the greens

Pretty blossoms from around the garden

A flower as big as my palm

The lush greenery in our apartment compound

There are some exercise equipments here too... mummy and I make it a point to do some light exercises before returning home every day (after picking me up from my schoolbus pick up point at the apartment entrance)

A pink cherry blossom-like tree right at our doorstep

Cute buds blossoming into pink beauties

At the neighbourhood park just across the street, beautiful flowers are springing alive too

A dunno-what-tree with huge white flowers in full bloom

A close-up shot of the white flower with big and thick petals

I love this park very much and I can come here everyday without getting bored...

Whenever it is sunny (and with temp above 10C) mummy will bring me here for a walk after school, especially on Fridays when I don't have to rush home to do my homework :)


  1. They are so beautiful! what a nice place to stay :) so much better than stressful kl :)

  2. very nice and lovely flower. Like the landscaping of your apartment.

  3. What a lovely place to stay!Looks like sakura bloosoms in Japan right now.

  4. I will have good mood if can see such spring blossoms everyday!

  5. oh my...she is changing teeth? No close up? you keeping her teeths?

    1. Ya, lost her two front teeth... later I'll blog about her teeth lah ;)

  6. Yeah, I agree, that's a very nice place with all the spring blossoms. I've only seen the fake ones during CNY - this would be a great place for a vacation. :D

  7. Wow..this is the perfect time to see the flowers blooming.Way too beautiful.

    p/s : hope you can read my blog soon. Take care dear.

  8. Such a nice place...those flowers are so beautiful......

  9. Nice, very nice. I love all the scenery and park there. I love to go jogging at the trail if the whether isn't too cold.

  10. What a lovely surrounding area you have near your house. Cool weather with such beautiful scenery. U can have many outdoor activities everyday. Compared to the humid weather unbearable.

  11. Chloe's international school uniform looks good on her! Noticed that Chloe is a big girl now....her two front permanent teeth will be sprouting soon!

  12. That's her uniform? Very nice leh! Love it!~

  13. So lovely to experience spring in China. Your child isnsomfortunate to experience life in a diff country.


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