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Monday, April 1, 2013

My First School Excursion

Last Friday (29/3), I took part in my school's Spring Excursion to Eday Town. I have been looking forward to this day since the week before. On the night before the big day (Thursday), I told mummy "Ms M said we must go to bed as early as possible today". Ms M is my class teacher and mummy was totally amazed at how her words worked magic on me. I brushed my teeth and went to bed before 9pm... all by myself!!

The next morning, I also woke up earlier than usual. I even jumped out of bed and did all my morning routine in a jiffy! For the first time in months, mummy needn't mention the words "hurry up" or "faster".

My very first field trip in Primary 1

Eday Town is China's very own version of Kidzania. It is a mini "town" where kids get to role-play different professions in almost-real-life settings like hospital, airport, factory, tv station, retail shops etc.

It has exactly the same concept as Kidzania, with 43 attractions for kids to play and explore. They can either earn e$ (special Eday currency) or use their e$ depending on the work they do. I had fun constructing a building in the LEGO building site and dug for "treasures" in the archeological studio among other things.

Oh yes, Eday Town is located in the mall just opposite our apartment so when the trip ended, mummy went to the mall to look for me. She trailed me like a paparazzi to snap some photos of me and my little friends. I was so surprised to see her, I ran away from her! (maybe I was too embarrassed hehe)

I could very well walk home with her from there but I didn't. I went back to school because we had post-excursion activities in school and a class party! It was a very fun and exciting day for me!


  1. Seriously alike Kidzania! Chloe is so happy :)

  2. Love your new header.

    Now big girl already . Shy to be seen with mummy. Maybe time for project num 2 :p

  3. Wah, so enjoyable. Chloe must be very happy.

  4. Wow! So much fun. Another version of Kidzania. Sure Chloe is a happy kid.

  5. Love Chloe's happy smile. The place just opp the apartment..haha..sure mommy will become the paparazzi.

  6. Cool wor~~ My kids love Kidzania!~


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