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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cherry Blossoms @ Gucun Park

We visited the Shanghai Cherry Blossom Festival in Gucun Park two Saturdays ago, on 23/3. It was a wet and gloomy day but mummy was desperate to go because the flowers were in full-bloom and she was afraid that the beautiful sight might not last long. The cloudy dark skies and the lack of sunlight was not photography-friendly at all. Most of our photos turned out dark, dull and not-sharp. Anyway we had a great time walking around and exploring the huge park.

Gucun Park is a very "young" park. Opened in 2010, this park is only 3 years old so the trees here are basically still in their "infantile stage". With over 10,000 sakura trees in 28 different species (although we only saw the white kind), it is the largest cherry blossom park in Shanghai. Another main attraction here is a fairly large amusement park in the Children's Carnival with many rides similar to those in Genting.

We spent only about 3 hours here. We would have stayed longer if not for the hostile weather... the rain plus the chilly winds made us all very, very uncomfortable!

The park entrance cost 20yuan (RM10) each. Children below 130cm get free entrance.


  1. The sakura's are certainly a very pretty sight! Good thing you braved the rain and's well worth it spending time with the sakura's:)

  2. your new header featuring your mini-you n the beautiful sakura's!

  3. 10,000 trees!! That's spectacular!

  4. Though you said photos not clear but here looks alright. No photo of chloe anf mommy?

    1. The 3rd last photo of the bee ride... Chloe and mummy la tu ;p

  5. Such a nice and pretty place! Love all the photos here!

  6. Shanghai is so beautiful, I wish to go there to one day.

  7. A very nice place..........Hope one day can be there too.

  8. Wow..such a beautiful sight. Nice pics. Post more photos of mommy la...:)

  9. Wow! The flower looks awesome!~


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