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Friday, April 5, 2013

Teeth-less and Teething

Recently, I lost two of my front teeth... both my left and right upper lateral incisor. Both the teeth became shaky at about the same time. The first to go was the one on my left. It was on the 3rd morning of CNY when daddy and mummy heard a whimpering sound from the bathroom. The tooth had come off while I was brushing my teeth. When daddy came to my aid, it was already dangling loosely with blood trickling down the tooth. Daddy gave it a gentle tug and the tooth was freed :)

The right one started giving problems about a week later. It gave me a hard time during meal times. While struggling to eat my lunch one afternoon, I summoned daddy to be my personal "dentist" again. I begged him to pull the loose tooth out for me.

Last pic of me with only 1 missing tooth...

Holding a piece of tissue paper for better grip, daddy did the job quite "professionally". In just a matter of seconds, the tooth was already in between his fingers! :)

I complained that it was a bit painful this time and he quickly "sayang" me back hehe...

Here are some of my no-front-teeth moments...

Enjoying my very first McD sundae cone

Teeth-less but happy in the park

Teeth-less but happy at home

No front teeth to eat corn? Never mind, just peel with my fingers...

These "no front teeth moments" will not last long because mummy noticed a new tooth sprouting already... Yay! Surprisingly, the new tooth is growing on the right side (where the milk tooth fell off later).


  1. Haha Chloe is so cute even she's teethless!

  2. your daddy really brave la...if me i cabut lari...chamm...j teeth coming out soooonnnnnn

  3. Chloe and her corn! Front toothless still wanna eat ya? Haha. When there's a will there's a way though....she looks cute!

  4. Haha, I like the last picture, no teeth also wanna eat corn.

  5. So it will not be a "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" this year... enjoy slotting a straw in : ) Still no sign of new teeth for Vic *boohoo* I'm beginning to forget how she looks like with a full set of teeth.

  6. I am sure by end of this year, her new front teeth will sprout out and she will be in time to be beautiful again by CNY.

  7. Chloe has nice straight set of teeth. She looks cute teeth less la. Gwen definitely needs braces to correct her misaligned teeth. :(

  8. She still love to smile even teethless.. :) No worries, still cute and beautiful!~

  9. Teethless but still look cute. Wah daddy really a pro "dentist".

  10. Hahaha...still Chloe can smile so gracefully.

  11. Kids at this age sure will have this type of image. haha.... my boy's only lost his two bottom ones. The top two still intact. Hope they will drop off easily just like Chole. Else, bringing him to the dentist is a mission impossible.


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