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Saturday, June 15, 2013

China's Rice Dumplings

Last Wednesday was the Dragon Boat Festival and it was a public holiday in China. We spent the first half of the day jalan-jalan and makan-makan in a nearby mall. Mummy bought a lot of fruits from Tesco so we had a Fruit & Veg Variety Platter with rice dumplings for dinner that night. 

Earlier (about a week prior to the festival), mummy had bought some packaged dumplings from Carrefour. She was skeptical about buying these dumplings at first but when she saw scores of locals buying them, she became curious and was tempted to try some. She finally took 2 packets after scrutinising the contents (with the help of Google Translate ) and found all the ingredients "safe" for consumption (all natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives). 

Hundreds of packaged rice dumplings on the dragonboat-shaped display shelf

They came in gift boxes like these too... 

Mummy bought these 2 - meat with salted egg yolk (RMB9.90 / RM5) and "8 Treasures" (RMB8.90 / RM4.50), a sweet one with 8 types of grains and beans.

Inside, the dumplings were separately vacuum-packed and they came in 3's.

The meat dumpling was ok, albeit too lacking in ingredients. This seems like a standard dumpling in China. Maybe the people here like their dumplings plain... no beans, no mushroom, no chestnuts etc. We just can't find such dumplings here!

The sweet dumpling was quite nice too... very mildly sweetened (really kurang, kurang manis) with lots of chewy grains like oats, wheat, black glutinous rice, peanuts, red beans etc.

My healthy Bak Zhang Variety Platter... with carrot, cucumber, cherry tomato, yellow plum, grape, organic blueberry and a kiddy yoghurt. I couldn't finish the sweet dumpling but I cleared all the other stuff on my plate. Burp!

Oh yes, I also made a rice dumpling in school last week! I made this in my Chinese Culture class.

I wrapped this with the help of an "ah yi" in school. I brought it back uncooked so mummy dropped it into a small pot and boiled it for 30mins....

Tada... My very own sweet red bean glutinous rice dumpling


  1. Happy Belated Dragon Boat Festival....

  2. My cousin's wife is from China, she made her hometown sweet dumpling like one of yours here... But I didn't like it very much.

  3. Wah got such nicely wrapped dumplings in China ar?

    The platter looks good!

  4. The dumpling shape is long shape, so different something like our those nyonya baked rice. Good that you have the caution practice of reading and finding all over the safety of food. So many food and packed food in China is too fake.

  5. 3 for rm5 is cheap!! Here the cheapest rm4 per pc.. :)

  6. Wow..the school teach them how to make dumplings...nice. Sounds like Taiwanese can make better dumplings hehe..I've never tasted lah saw how they make dumplings on TV only.

  7. nice hoh the school teach them the traditional stuff... learning to make 'chang'... and what a convenient way to buy dumpling!

  8. Never imagine dumplings can be sold in supermarts like that!

  9. wah so commercialised jor ah? your mummy also s clever can check using google translate.

    sedap ka? Next time bring back KL some :p

  10. I only had 2 dumplings this year, normally I'll have more than that in past years >.<

  11. I didn't know dumplings were sold in hypermarket like this. Anyway, they looked not bad to me.


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