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Monday, June 17, 2013

Daddy's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day and we had a great time doing fun things at home. Actually every weekend is Father's Day to me because we spend a lot of quality time together, doing the things that we like and just enjoying each other's company. This special day was no different. Although there wasn't any celebration for my daddy dearest, I did make a little something for him.

Showered him with loving kisses first thing in the morning...

Later in the day, I made a cake for him (under mummy's supervision, of course). My favourite part was sifting the ingredients... flour and cocoa powder. 

Mixing the batter was fun too (it was then poured into the mini baking tin and steamed).

Decorating the serving plate with some organic blueberries and nectarine slices

Fruity chocolate cake for the best daddy in the world :)

For you, daddy... nice or not?

More bonding time at the park in the evening. This is our latest favourite game... frisbee!

I love you super-duper much, daddy! <3 <3 <3


  1. Wah the chocolate cake looks good, really.
    Daddy sure very touched!

  2. fuiyo Chloe so tall already!!! Now see her next to Papa baru can see the height difference

  3. That chocolate recipe must be very nice. Hence you steam it a few times right? easy and super delicious for super dad!

    1. Yes, this is the only fool-proof cake recipe that I know of so balik2 keep making this same old cake haha :p It's really easy to make and tastes good so we don't mind eating it again and again.

  4. Mummy has raised Chloe well, Chloe appreciates and loves her daddy so much. I am sure Chloe's daddy had a very wonderful father's day.

  5. Love the last photo! Chloe is so sticky to daddy like koala bear, aww....

    I wonder why daughters are more manja with their father. Mine is :)

  6. Well done Chloe, the cake with fruits is really nice. Daddy's heart sure melt like the chocolate. Super duper love the late photo.

  7. What a lovely father daughter moment... ! She is such a dear sweet girl!

  8. precious moment to remember forever!!! nice bonding!!


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