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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Miss Home, I Miss Home Not

When we first moved to Shanghai early this year, I missed home terribly and often asked daddy and mummy why we had to move here. Daddy and mummy realised how much I longed to go home after having this conversation with me one day...

Mummy: Since you like school so much, study hard and get good grades ok. Then ask daddy to bring you to Disneyland...
Me: But Disneyland is not the happiest place on earth to me anymore.
Mummy: Huh? Then where is?
Me: Home la. Our home (in PJ) is the happiest place on earth. I just want to go home...

That was how much I missed home, then. There's no place like home and home is where my heart is. I'd rather go home than go to Disneyland!!!

Ok, that was like almost 5 months ago in Feb. Just recently...

Mummy: In another few more weeks, we are going home. We are going back to Malaysia for one month! Are you excited?
Me: Why go back for so long??
Mummy: I thought you missed home? Don't you look forward to going home?

Me: Hmm, just a bit la...
Mummy: Wah, so fast forget about home already ar? :(

I'm currently enjoying a 2-month semester break. We will be welcoming our very first guests from Malaysia tomorrow, for a week. I'm so excited and can't wait to see them. After that, we balik kampung for 4 weeks... yay!!

Look, I even have a Homecoming Queen top to match our coming trip ;)


  1. Wah..such a long holiday. Daddy is taking a long annual leave from work too? Enjoy your holiday in KL! :)

  2. Daddy can only afford to take 1 week off so mummy and I will go back first. He will join us later, at the end of our trip :)

  3. month holiday back home that is awesome...can see your friends lo...aaron is it :p

  4. Not only Chole missed home, I bet mummy and daddy missed home a lot too ! M'sia is a nice place to stay afterall !

  5. That is so true. No matter where we go and stay, HOME is always the sweetest place on this earth.
    Enjoy your long semester break and welcome back to Malaysia. Hope the haze in Malaysia is completely gone by that time. :)

  6. Happy Homecoming!! I guess you must have gotten yourself settling down well in SH now...

  7. oh such a long break. happy holidays to you and welcome back :)

  8. Happy Homecoming ya. 1 month here and spend more time with all your family and relative.

  9. Enjoy your one month hol in kl. Time to eat all the lively msian food!

  10. She already biasa with new life, new friends in Shang Hai maybe that is why not missing her home so much dy. Anyway welcme back!!

  11. Yeah, home is where the heart always is! Welcome back to PJ! :)

  12. welcome back and I'm sure Chloe would love to meet her friends again

  13. Back to home for 1 month, I guess Chloe will miss her friends and teachers in Shanghai.

    Who is the first guest visiting Chloe?

  14. One whole hot and humid month in Msia! She'll definitely be complaining lots.. LoL!

    Welcome back soon okay?

  15. Kids really change fast huh :P


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