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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What's For Lunch? Part 8

China is notorious for its endless cases of food scandals... tainted food, fake food, dirty food (using swill oil in cooking) etc. This makes mummy very cautious and particular about what we eat. To ensure that we don't eat "rubbish", mummy tries to limit our intake on processed food and outside food. Eating healthy, wholesome, natural (preferably raw) and unprocessed food is of utmost importance in our family, although the status of these fresh produce can be questionable too... we don't know if the pesticides and preservatives used are of acceptable levels, we don't know if they are genetically modified, we don't know if their organic goods are genuinely organic etc. 

Ok worries aside, we basically eat very simple meals at home, especially during the weekends when mummy doesn't cook the standard Chinese meals of rice and dishes. Every week, we have this "Healthy Sunday" at home where our day begins with a detoxifying concoction of fruit and vegetable juices. This is usually followed by simple, healthy meals like these...

All natural and unprocessed... free-range chicken eggs, cucumber, orange, cherry tomato, purple sweet potato and corn

Chinese "pita bread" with egg and chives filling, lettuce, cherry tomato, carrot stick and lotus root & peanut soup

Cute piggy buns (with red bean paste filling), mini purple sweet potato, egg, blanched edamame (bought fresh), cherry tomato, apple and apricot

Chives pancake, sweet potato, grapes, dragon fruit and nectarine 

"Organic" pork chop (premium pork that claims to be free from harmful injections), garlic baguette, roasted potato, cherry tomato, carrot stick, blanched French beans and egg

Chinese "pita bread" with tuna, tomato and egg filling, sweet potato, cucumber, more tomatoes, mango and radish soup

Local Chinese kuih with blanched asparagus, roasted pumpkin, turnip, cherries, grapes and yoghurt 

Potato salad with cucumber and carrot, homemade chicken "satay", papaya, grapes, peach and cheesecake

Pasta with chicken, chives, tomato and potato, dragon fruit, lychee, mangosteen and raw cucumber and yellow capsicum

Chinese "pita bread" (again!) with stir-fried turnip and carrot filling, egg, tomato, blanched broccoli and mango

Fried rice with purple cabbage, egg, yellow capsicum, chives, carrot and chia seed, tomato, lettuce, papaya, grapes and nectarine

Egg-mayo-chives sandwich with organic blueberries, organic yellow tomatoes, cherries, peach, carrot and yoghurt 

Alphabet pasta with pumpkin soup, stir-fried greens, (homemade) chicken floss, papaya, pear and peach


  1. Wow..really salute mummy for her effort and creativity in cooking wholesome and healthy food. Love all the dishes.

  2. Yea, China is famous for all the food scandals... So must be extra careful.

    But all the homemade dishes above looks so cute and yummy!! I am so hungry now :p

  3. Awesome, the food mommy prepared is very colorful, definitely increase Chloe and her papa's appetite.

  4. You really put LOVE in preparing meals for your family. Great. Chole is eating a very very healthy meal! Awesome mummy !

  5. Fuhhh..each meal served is filled with love and lots of goodness.

  6. I love your meals. Good to those kids that dun fancy rice.

  7. Looks really inspiring! I will prepare these when I have my own kitchen!! (moving into my new house soon)

  8. The food you prepare looks very healthy but at the same time it appeals to me! Good that Chloe has been trained from small to eat healthily! The piggy pau is soooo cute!

  9. I feel the love on every plate.

  10. I would say all are very delicious looking. Chloe's mummy is a very great mum. You say these were simple meals, to me, these are the best food a mum can prepare for the kid, so healthy and lovely.

  11. You've put in a lot of effort in every dish. So healthy and wholesome but I tell you, if I serve those to Ethan or the Daddy, they'll both look at each other and when I'm not looking, quickly sneak out of the house to get a 'real' meal!! >_<

  12. Yupe...Living in China is indeed a challenge especially when it comes to food. Being in Beijing has another problem and that is the haze and the pollution. Thanks for visiting and returning a visit. We will be here for 2 years and one year has already passed by. How long are you expected to be in Shanghai?

  13. By the way, do drop by my other blog on our visits, mostly now around China. It's Alternatively, like my page on FB. It's called Laowai in China. Cheers


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