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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Ikea and a Birthday Dinner

Last Saturday, we celebrated daddy's belated birthday. His actual birthday was on Friday the 13th but he only wanted a simple home-cooked dinner on that day (it was late when he came back from work). We made up with a belated dinner celebration the following day (Saturday the 14th) but before that, we also did what we enjoyed the most... mall-hopping!

We went to the latest and newly opened Ikea in Shanghai. Opened just last month, this Ikea is said to be the biggest in Asia. Since it was accessible by subway, we added this to our "to go" checklist after reading about it in a local daily.

The large 4-storey building. We love its spacious interior... although there were many shoppers on that day (the usual busy weekend crowd), it didn't feel crowded at all.

The entrance was adorned with huge and pretty lanterns (mid-Autumn festival coming soon)

With my favourite veggies... broccoli and carrot :)

Ikea's ice-cream is a "must-eat" too... very cheap at only RMB1 (RM0.50) each!

Eating ice-cream the Chinese way... squatting! >.<

After Ikea, we hopped over to another mall nearer to home. As usual, daddy and mummy had difficulty deciding what to have for dinner. They finally picked a restaurant based on its nice ambience and decent crowd. We had rice with dishes and the food here was not bad. Total bill came to RMB123 (RM60+) and we were so stuffed to the brim that we "dabao" some leftover home...

Nan Xiang Restaurant

With the birthday boy :)

上海熏鱼 Smoked fish...a popular Shanghai dish that can be found in many restaurants

高山花菜炒培根 Alpine cauliflower with bacon 

香辣牛蛙 Spicy bullfrog

美极杏鲍菇 Some dunno-what tough and chewy mushroom

鲜肉小笼 Soup dumpling (given FOC) because we made a minimum order of RMB100 (RM50)

紫薯南瓜团 Pumpkin and sweet potato kuih for dessert


  1. oh i love the lanterns in Ikea. so big and colourful :)

  2. I love shopping in Ikea, though sometimes it's just window shopping ;)

    Bet the Ikea there is somehow different from here!

  3. Happy belated birthday to your daddy!

    How was the ikea? Same like Malaysia ikea?

    1. Yes, the Ikea here is very similar to the one back home...even smells the same haha. But most of the things here are cheaper!

  4. wah the new Ikea at Shanghai is really huge. Haha like the way you eat ice cream in squatting way. Happy Belated Birthday to you daddy.

  5. I always wondering how the sweet pumpkin kuih taste. So lovely

    1. It tastes exactly like "ang koo" kuih. Soft and sticky with mashed sweet potato filling. Nice! :)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday To Chloe's Daddy! Haha...funnylah..eating ice cream the chinese way. Awesome lah..Ikea is in Shanghai. I remember you guys like to go Ikea when in KL. :) Mummy, I love how you put Chinese caption for the dishes..geng lah.

  7. Nice Ikea.. Happy belated birthday to the 'birthday boy'.. ha!~


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