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Friday, September 13, 2013

Shanghai Sight-seeing With Our First Guests from Malaysia

Backdated post: June/July 2013

Just before we went back to Malaysia for our month-long holiday, we played hosts to 2 special guests from Malaysia... Mah-mah and Koo-koo, who came over for a 10-day visit. Although we were still not very familiar with the city and the places of interests in Shanghai, we managed to bring them to some of the famous and must-go tourist attractions like The Bund, Nanjing Road, Yu Yuan Garden, Xintiandi and Qibao ancient town. 

Here are some photos of our "revisited" places with Mah-mah and Koo-koo. We hope they had an enjoyable stay with us although on some days, we just stayed at home and did nothing :p

We took the City Sightseeing bus for the first time with them... It was a convenient way to see the city without too much walking (ideal for Mah-mah, who couldn't walk far).

It was a hop-on-hop-off bus and every time we boarded the bus, I would dash to the upper deck to enjoy a better view :)

A different view of Nanjing Road
With Mah-mah and daddy

At another part of The Bund

A wet evening at the Bund

A beautiful junk boat sailing along the Huangpu river

Night crowd at Nanjing Road

An evening in Yu Yuan Garden

Giant soup dumpling, anyone?

Shopping district of Xintiandi

Look what's on that white building!

Along one of the many Shikumen-style antique walls in Xintiandi

Qibao Ancient town

I went on the boat ride again...

A striped puppy?

Bought some crayfish to try... and of course we also brought them to try out many other local food around town

Loved this HUGE 1000cc (1 litre) chocolate pudding drink *slurp*


  1. Am I the first one to comment here? Anyway, I just want to say, Chloe is a happy girl where ever she is, because she has a very wonderful family.

  2. the stripe puppy is so cute, for sale ??

    and ur Chloe facial expression getting better huh? can become actress jor ...hehehehe

    1. The striped puppy is dyed la, I think. Dunno whether they are for sale or not but the man asked for RMB10 for taking the pups' photos. We buat tak tau and quickly walked away haha.

  3. Are they really serving giant dumpling soup? to see Chloe's expression.

  4. Actually yes, they do sell XL soup dumplings but not as huge as the fake one can see it in the background with 2 straws ;)

  5. Wow, so much to see and do. BTW, is that striped puppy really born with stripes or painted on? Well, Chinese would do anything right? hehehehe

    1. The stripes on the puppy is most probably painted on...looks kinda fake to me although very nicely done hehe. Cute, right? :)

  6. I traveled Hong Kong with Hop On Hop Off buss too because this is the easiest and most convenient way for tourist with child like me :P
    PS: What's on the white building actually? o.O"

    1. Oops, sorry my photo quality is not sharp enough. The word "Chloe" is on the white building ;)

  7. Like that if I go there I cari you be my tour guiide can ah?

  8. Love all the touristy pictures. You all are having a good time there...that's good. Wow..zebra puppy so cute. If Gwen saw this she would probably want us to get one for her.


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