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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

School Updates: Math Workshop, Golf and Soccer

Mathematics Model-Drawing Workshop

Two Saturdays ago, daddy and mummy attended a Mathematics workshop in my school. The workshop was held to "teach" parents how to guide their children in their maths homework. It was quite an interesting and informative workshop where both daddy and mummy learned how to tackle some of the common math problems often found in my homework books. 

It was a fun day for daddy and mummy for they both enjoyed being "students" again :) I tagged along, sat quietly beside them and read my book while they both attended their "lessons".

Don't you think this kind of math question is too tough for a 2nd Grader? Daddy once taught me how to solve this using algebra! Now that daddy and mummy have gained some new knowledge in model-drawing, I hope they can help me to understand the sums better.

Time for a tea-break.... Light refreshment was served throughout the session and we were encouraged to eat and drink anytime we liked to avoid falling asleep in class hahaha :D

Since we were already at school, daddy and mummy went to take a peek at my classroom

My classroom

Had a brief "workout" at the playground before leaving for home

Golf @ PE

A few weeks ago (during the first week of school), I told mummy that I played golf during physical education in school. Golf? Mummy did not believe me and thought I was just pulling her legs. About a week later, she came across this in my school's weekly e-newsletter....

I really played golf at PE! What a privilege to be able to learn about the game in school.

Soccer @ CCA

Now, this is quite a funny one.... I chose to play soccer for my Co-Curriculum Activity in school. Since daddy is a "kaki bangku" and mummy is totally hopeless in sports, they really did not see this coming. I actually love sports! Mummy tried to persuade me to take Tae Kwon Do instead but I insisted on my very own choice so Junior Soccer it was for me. 

 I will also be singing and playing LEGO for my CCA in the coming semesters (I picked them all on my own)

I enjoy playing soccer very much and even bragged to mummy that we have a football coach who taught us how to kick the ball along a line of cones! 


  1. Alamak........parents also hv to back to school ah...pengsan lo

  2. Chloe has a good bonding with daddy ya? ;)

  3. Good sch. providing coaching sessions for the parents.

  4. What an awesome school! Is that an international school? In China or Msia?

    1. Yes, it's an international school in Shanghai :)

  5. B...didn't know you're into soccer?! Koo koo used to be in the choir too...and did taekwondo. It's a lot of fun and you get to learn self defence. maybe you can consider that if ever you're not into soccer anymore :p

  6. Amazing school!! I never even heard of sessions for parents like that b4. And yes, the question is tough!

  7. Chloe had made a good choice for herself, that will make her school life more lively.

  8. Chloe has become so brave and confident. :) Gwen would not join any sports but she likes taekwondo.

    Awesome school! Wah the math question is really tough.

  9. It's so great that Chloe has the opportunity to be in such a good education system in shanghai . Can't help to compare with the local education system here which is so so lacking in EVERY aspect ! Good exposure for her !

  10. If Chloe is interested in golf, there is a junior golf set (belong's to Jeremy), you can have it when you return to Malaysia.

  11. Great balancing.. Not only study, with sports, too!~


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