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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Chinese Snacks #1 - Shou Zhua Bing

There are many interesting street snacks in Shanghai but we rarely buy them because we've read and heard too much about filthy China food, especially those made and sold in small stalls by the roadsides.

However, there's this one breakfast stall (it only opens in the morning) that we walk past very often and it always attracts our attention because it looks very much like roti canai. One fine day, curious to try it, we just ignored all our qualms and apprenshion and went ahead to buy one (self-consolation: Shanghai's watchdog on public food safety is very active and efficient anyway)... 

Chinese "roti canai" that isnt flipped and tossed with the hands

It comes with a choice of simple fillings like vege, sausage, meat, egg etc. plus 3 types of sauces - chilli, ketchup and mayo. Their freshly blended soy milk is very popular too. 

We picked veggie and egg with mayo, RMB4.50 (RM2.20).... Yummy!! It tasted very much like roti canai but tastier :)

This "roti canai" is simply called shou zhua bing, which translates to "hand-held biscuit" 

Talking about roti canai, have you seen such a big one before? This was bought in a hypermarket some time ago. Of course, this was not as nice as the freshly made one above.


  1. Looks so yummy. Wow..that is a huge piece of 'roti canai'!

  2. Wah, looks yummy!! I would like to try that~

  3. Fuh! Taste like roti canai but tastier! Drooooool!

  4. How come M'sia have not come out with roti canai wrap ? haha.....


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