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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Best Picnic Ever

Last Saturday, we woke up to a beautiful autumn morning and crept out of bed without any plans for the day. Since the weather was good (cool temperatures between 16-20C), daddy and mummy suggested we go for a picnic.

Mummy immediately packed some food and off we went, to the park opposite our home for a picnic brunch. This turned out to be our best and longest picnic ever. We actually stayed on the same spot for nearly half a day from 10am to 3pm!! This was something that we could never do back in Malaysia... imagine the midday heat! 

Beautiful clouds greeted us at our apartment entrance :)

Our picnic spot... we spent 5 hours relaxing, eating, playing, reading, chit-chatting and even napping here haha. Total bliss!!!

Our simple brunch. Later mummy even walked home for a toilet break and brought over more food! :p

Enjoying my favourite Japanese cheesecake (that mummy queued up 30 mins to buy)... yummy!

Lying down doing nothing and it felt GREAT! (esp in a good weather like this)

Playtime... I brought along my "gymnastic ribbon" and a frisbee

We had a few uninvited picnic "guests" too :)


  1. Wow..that must be the perfect spot for picnics..haha..

    Glad to know you all enjoyed the picnic. :)

  2. Such a nice picnic! Wonder when can I go for something like that?

  3. we will never can do such thing here >.<


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