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Thursday, November 7, 2013

My 3rd Harvest

I brought home a packet of organic vegetables from school again recently. This was my third harvest for my "Farm to School" project. Previously (when I was still in Grade 1), I've also harvested cherry radishes and Italian lettuce, which I brought home for Mother's Day in May.

Look what I have for you, mum! 

Organic Chinese mustard (choy sum), grown with my TLC :)

Poor veggies had more holes than leaves haha!

The tiny little culprit that shared the vege with us ;)

This is my vegetable patch in school

And this is my class plot... looking all empty after the recent harvest. I wonder what will we be planting next! ;)

Showing off our harvest!

Back to the choy sum, mummy immediately stir-fried it and this was our simple dinner for that night... Chinese "pita" bread with egg mayo and chives, purple sweet potato, raw carrot and tomato plus lots of fruits (not in pic). 


  1. Wow..not bad huh Chloe's harvest. :) she has her own vegetables awesome is that!

  2. Bravo. There's nothing like growing your own vege and eating them. What a fun school.

  3. This is such a great activity. And the vege certainly looked 'healthy' as even worm dare to eat! haha....


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