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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Car-less but it is OK

Since our big move to Shanghai a little over a year ago, we have learned to live without a car!

It is not difficult at all for us to adapt from having 2 cars back at home to none over here. We are very blessed to have most of our transportation needs taken care of. First of all, daddy's company shuttle  picks him up at our apartment entrance every day so shuttling between his workplace and home is a breeze for him. Being reliant on his company shuttle has another big plus point too... no more working late at the office! He is usually home by 6.30pm, which allows for more family-bonding time :)

As for me, I go to school by schoolbus. Mummy doesn't need to go anywhere except grocery shopping and for that, we live next to a big mall with Carrefour. Another two hypermarkets (Tesco and LotteMart) are within walking distance from our home too, plus a few wet markets nearby. Very convenient! 

On most of our outings, we take the Metro subway. Oh yes, the subway station is walking distance from our home too so going places has never been a problem for us except when we need to go somewhere not serviced by the Metro. This is when we are forced to take the taxi...

I HATE the taxis here because the drivers are quite reckless and their "jerk-y" driving skills sometimes make me sick... 

Thankfully, we don't take taxis here very often... only when we need to go to and come back from the airport ;) Or when we have visitors. Photo above is an old one taken last summer (July 2013) when Mah-Mah and Koo-koo came for a visit.

Happy to take the subway...anytime!

Can even pose and "pole dance" haha!


  1. It does sound like a wonderful arrangement doesn't it? Daddy comes back early, no traffic stress, no maintenance or installment, mummy gets to exercise and girl gets happy ride to school with friends. Oh, but save for the extreme cold weather and heavy grocery bags... Your place is indeed so convenient! Don't forget the skill of driving yea?

    1. Absolutely! Traffic situation here is too hostile for us so we dare not even think about driving here. For those who say KL drivers are bad, wait till they come to China!!!

      No prob with the heavy groceries cos mummy shops everyday. Sometimes can get quite heavy but you said, exercise ma ;)

  2. darn it China now so advance already ah...we here still stuck in traffic jam

  3. The place you stay is so convenient.

  4. Come back by 6.30pm everyday? now, that sounds great!

  5. I love to live in a place where the metro subway system is very good too. So convenient to get to places.

  6. I love to live in a place where the metro subway system is good too. So convenient to get to places.


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