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Friday, January 10, 2014

Makan-Makan in Taiwan

Taiwan is a food heaven, or so they say. However daddy and mummy aren't foodies so they didn't have the enthusiasm to hunt for the best food in town. We ended up eating whatever that tickled our fancy within walking distance from our hotel. Even with this "limitation", the choices were aplenty and we did not even have enough days to sample everything we saw!

Here are just some of them...

Seafood noodles on a cold and rainy night...

MOS Burger

We miss the rice burger!

Porridge is one of Hsinchu's specialty... we had seafood porridge, mushroom & chicken porridge and beef porridge. Mummy liked this a lot but not me. I didn't like watery porridge like this and preferred those grainy and lumpy ones cooked by mummy.

Beef and century egg porridge...something different that we have not tried before. Nice!

HUGE serving of black pepper squid and chicken rice

Fried rice 

Spaghetti set

Rice kuih...tastes like radish cake with sweet and savoury sauce

Noodles with special sauces

Deep fried fish fillet and chicken chop rice...sinfully unhealthy but delish!

Those were what we had for dinner with daddy every evening after he returned from work. For lunch, it was always just mummy and I in the hotel. We ate mostly fruits and takeaways from convenience stores...

Yummy sushi with oat drinks and fruits

Fanciful bread, cakes, yoghurt and milk (the papaya milk is nice!)

Cup noodles (cooked in the hotel's ceramic coffee cup) and some colourful veggies

Salad, bread, milk tea, egg, cheese and more veggies

And more fruits and raw veggies for my health freak balance out all the junkies we have been eating :p

Homemade preservative-free mochi bought from a roadside stall... quite expensive (RM11+ for this box) but delicious! It came in 3 types of fillings - black sesame, peanut and red bean.

Cute bread and Doraemon-shaped cake

These were complimentary and replenished daily by the hotel (plus soft drinks and beer in the fridge but we left all the soft drinks untouched). 

We indulged in tea instead.... 2 cups every day! 


  1. Really healthy lunches both of you ate to make up for the full dinners. Yes, I agree, Taiwan is a food paradise.

  2. Mak really travel in style leh....making me drool jor all those food

  3. The cheese cake from the 7 Eleven is sinfully delicious ! Love those Taiwanese Milk Tea but cannot drink too much. haha

  4. Lots of food.....They looks delicious.

  5. Looks yummy! Actually, when I saw the first few photos, I was thinking it's not your typical style. Then saw your lunch photos and, that's more like it! (as in healthy food) hehe.

  6. Wow ... that is really 'food, glorious food'
    Have not been to Taiwan, will plan for one :)

  7. I wish MOS Burger can come back to Malaysia too, their burget is much much more better that "the other" :P


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