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Friday, February 28, 2014

My Precious Pet Worms

Recently, I brought home a cup of earthworms from school. It was part of my Science project where I learned about earthworms and their habitat. As soon as I reached home, I laid out the rules for mummy to follow.

1. They need to stay in a dark place. Do not open the black paper (cover) ok!
2. They can only eat wastes and wet leaves.
3. They cannot eat chilli or anything spicy. They also cannot eat garlic, onion, sour things and dairy products (teacher said). 
4. They dislike vibration and rough movements. I guess they must have hated the bus ride home just now hehe...

It didnt occur to mummy how much I loved and adored these squirmy little creatures until this conversation took place the following morning before I left for school...

Me: Mummy, later remember to feed them lunch, ok?
Mummy: *teasingly* OK, I'll pour some milk in later.
Me: No! Milk is a dairy product and they can't take it.
Mummy: Then I'll chop some garlic for them...
Me: NO! Cannot! 
Mummy: *still wanted to irritate me further as usual* Oh, they like sour things, right? Maybe some lemon juice will do. 
Me: Noooooooo!!! I have a hidden camera in the house and I can see you. I also have a hidden hammer that will come out and bang your head if you give any of these! 
Mummy: @-@

A play dough worm that I made before bringing back the real ones. Notice my wrong spelling for "anus" and "segmented" hehe...

Me and my precious wormies...

The habitat that I made on my own by filling a plastic cup with alternate layers of sand and soil. Teacher gave me 4 worms to put inside.

Can you spot Worm 1? ;)


  1. A fun activity for the kids but so GELI ! haha.....mummy very naughty coz irritates Chloe.

  2. That's a very imaginative threat from Chloe - an automated hammer will bang heads if wrong food is given to the worms, hahaha. On a serious note, I think the plastic cup is too small for 4 worms to be kept as pet in the long term. How long is Chloe supposed to keep them as pet?


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