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Monday, March 10, 2014

My Bestie, Trisha

One of my best friends in school is Trisha. She was the very first girl who talked to me when I joined this school as a new pupil in Grade 1 last year. Everyday, I come home from school telling mummy Trisha Stories. Day in, day out, it has always been "Trisha this...", "Trisha that...". 

Last week, Trisha and her family moved back to their home country, India, so I have lost a good friend at school. News of her leaving Shanghai saddened me since January this year. I kept counting down the days left to play with her :( On Trisha's last day of school, we had a farewell party for her in class. I also wrote her a note and gave her a small gift...

Ooh, I have hopes of visiting India! 

Trisha and I during last year's Sports Day

Trisha and I were partners in a Science project

We now keep in touch through emails. I wrote her a short email a few days ago and was very thrilled to receive her reply! :) 


  1. Should keep in contact until adults, then meet up years later.

  2. good to have friends from all over the world :)

    Yea keep contact with Trisha . How about Aaron? still contact him?

    1. Wow, you remembered Aaron! :) Yes, still keeping in touch with him. Visited him in our recent CNY home trip but after not seeing each other for so long, shy pulak...didn't talk at all hehe...

  3. Hope Chloe can get another besties very soon :)

  4. May Chloe keep in touch with Trisha and then visit Trisha in India when she grows up. What a heartwarming note Chloe wrote to Trisha.


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