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Friday, March 21, 2014

Animals are Cleverer than Me!

One of my recent after-school chats with mummy...

Me: Mummy, do you know that animals are cleverer than me?
Mummy: Really?
Me: Yes... a baby elephant can stand up and walk as soon as it is born!
Mummy: Oh, cleverer in that sense. Yes.
Me: And a penguin can go out and catch fish on its own when it is only 2 years old!
Mummy: At 2 years old, a penguin is considered old already... but nevermind. So what could you do when you were 2 years old?
Me: Me? (without even pausing to think) Break things lor!
Mummy: LOL!!!!!!

That's very true indeed! I was quite a destructive little menace back then and here are some of the things that "died" in my hands...

My favourite target was spectacles. The specs that belonged to daddy, mummy, Ah Ma and Yeh Yeh all ended up with the same fate... the frames were either bent or broken beyond repair *mummy shakes head*




Heh heh heh... digging daddy's wallet was just one of the many naughty things that I enjoyed doing! 


  1. haha...I think many toddlers love to bend spectacles and also digging wallet/purse/bag.

    Oh dear, can that RM50 still be used ? I think bank still accept though.

    1. We reattached the RM50 with clear tape and used it on the very same day she tore it. Luckily it went unnoticed and was accepted. Phew! :)

  2. Luckily Chloe did not tear the RM50 note to many pieces before being discovered. So mommy took photos of everything Chloe broke when young as evidence, hehehe.

  3. Mommy is so clever to take photos as evidence of everything that Chloe broke when she was younger, he he he. :) Now that Chloe is older, she is no longer breaking things.

  4. ouch.....biasa la...u have not seen j's punch holes on the rm20 notes leh..two pieces leh sobs......cannot salvage at all

  5. Hahaha...I still can remember those broken specs caused by Chloe. :p

    Faith is more jahat than Gwen...I make sure those things don't fall into her hands heheh..


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