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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Welcoming Spring: Magnificent Magnolias @ Xinzhuang Park

We have been enjoying lovely spring-like weather in the last few days. On Saturday, the mercury rose to a warm and sunny 20C! It was a good day to resume our favourite weekend activity - park-visiting. We went to Xinzhuang Park, which is about 20 minutes' walk from our home...

Main entrance of the park

It is a star-rated park... one of the better ones in the city.

This park is supposed to be famous for its (pink) plum blossoms but at the moment, only the magnolia trees are in full bloom!

Close-up of the white magnolia flowers

Magnolia trees in different shapes and sizes

The weather was absolutely perfect... sunny (but not hot at all!) with clear blue skies. 

These pagoda-roofed huts are all over the park. Many elderly folks were seen lepak-ing here, either playing traditional musical instruments or even dancing!

Ancient Chinese garden

A striking-pink dunno what blossom

Nice park... scenic, serene and shady

Spotted a group of people in ancient Chinese costume... probably part of a filming crew 

Bonsai garden (only one plant here, oops...)

Paddle boats for rent

Roar! :)


  1. Amazing.:).

    The flowers scent nice? Must hv been a nice place to be

    1. The flowers are unscented....we didn't smell anything even at close-up view.

  2. Really beautiful flowers. I like the 4 seasons because after a dreary winter, the flowers in spring are really a very welcomed sight. It is like a black and white world becoming colourful again.

  3. wow.... so, so pretty! And so near your place somemore. U guys are so lucky.

  4. Unscented flowers? Strange wor.. :P


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