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Monday, April 21, 2014

Let's Go to the Zoo!

Backdated post: 6 Apr 2014

This is the continuation of our Qingming weekend outing. I was given a few choices of places to visit and I picked the Shanghai Zoo (as if we didn't have enough walking on the previous day!). Anyway, we were all raring to go and both daddy and mummy didn't disagree. The weather was just too perfect for long-walk outings like this. Mummy packed some food along and we had a picnic there :) 

Entrance fee was RMB40 (RM20+) for adults and RMB20 (RM10+) for children above 1.3m in height

It's quite a scenic zoo with nice landscaping 

At the outdoor aquariums

Mini amusement park in the zoo

The first animal we looked forward to seeing was the giant panda.

Such a big zoo but only 1 panda? It was sad to see the lonely panda all by itself in such a big enclosure.

Red panda... Many of the animals here were kept in glass enclosures, which was good because we got to see them close-up. 

Pretty in pink!

White Bengal tiger

These 2 caracals were fighting!

Fresh grass, anyone?

This was our favourite :)

The zoo houses a large collection of primates. This gorilla entertained us well with its antics... from eating to prancing around and even thumping its chest with its two fists haha :D

Look, I'm almost as big as a gorilla!

Hip hip hippo! 

A very aged double-humped camel... it's so old that when it shook its body, the two humps tilted to the side of the body and looked as if they could just fall off!

Flamingoes in striking orange-y pink (which looked kinda fake)

Beautiful tulips across the lake

Cute penguins


Guess how long did we spend here? 8.30am to 5.30pm (5pm was the closing time)! Yes, we spent 9 hours in a zoo but I didn't feel tired at all and asked to come again :)


  1. amazing. their zoo is like a big park

  2. This zoo looks so nice that I think 9 hours are not enough to see everything in detail.

  3. The animals looks very healthy, not like the one in Malaysia, haha...

  4. A lot more trees than our Zoo Negara huh...?

  5. The zoo looks interesting. Would have expected more pandas in a zoo in china though...the last pic made me crack up! Good one! Ahhaha.

  6. OMG ! You all treated the zoo like shopping mall ! haha.... maybe the weather there are cooling, so it is comfortable to walk around. Unlike in M'sia, we will be sweating profusely already.

    The white tiger is so FAT ! Looks healthy too.........and love that Gorilla .... our zoo don't have :(

  7. That's a lovely zoo but 9 hours there is really incredible. This reminds me of the time when you went shopping from morning till night...hahahhaa. Really salute you.


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