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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Cheerleader

Backdated post: 4/4/2014

For this year's International Friendship Day, we have been practicing hard in our Dance and Drama classes for a football-themed musical production titled We Are One. This was also in conjunction with the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup. We sang and danced to famous football songs and samba-style dances. It was a very lively and colourful show! 

There were only two roles for everyone in this special concert... we were either the footballers (the main casts with acting roles) or the cheerleaders (the rest who sang and danced in the background). I was a cheerleader...

Me in my red and yellow cheerleader jersey... cool, eh?

On the actual concert day... eager to go to school!

The concert was held in a theatre quite a distance away from home. Daddy took time off from work to watch me perform.

... show the world we are one!

Here we go... ole ole ole! Go, go, go... ole ole ole!

The colourful ensemble

Zoomed in from afar... I was actually smiling at the camera haha!


  1. I can spot Chloe in the last photo but not in the top 3 photos. Good to see Chloe's father took time off work to support her by watching her perform. The teachers must be football fans to select this theme for International Friendship Day but nice to see all the children enjoying themselves on stage.

  2. Awesome! Not everyone gets to be a cheerleader and I am glad that Chloe got a chance to do it. I like her cheerleading uniform. It is so bright and colourful.

  3. Eh you look so cute in your cheer leading outfit! It's Mother's Day today so can tumpang to wish your mommy Happy Mother's Day here? :D

  4. Lovely!

    Ahem...wanna try out as cheerleader for real or not? She looks lovely leh as a cheerleader

  5. Her school is indeed interesting. I wish to be a cheerleader too (during studying time) but my small town no such opportunity :(

    Chloe looks very very happy ! Bet she enjoyed herself a lot.

  6. Her cheerleader outfit is adorable.

  7. Chloe is so outgoing now..:) love her cheerleader costume and she looks very pretty in it.


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