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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Shanghai Botanical Gardens

It is the most beautiful time of the year again! As usual, our "mandatory" park-hopping resumes. We revisited Gucun Park, Xinzhuang Park and a new place this year... the Shanghai Botanical Gardens. The weather was perfect for a day at the park. It was very sunny but cool (about 15-20C). We spent almost 5 hours there yet felt that there wasn't enough time to cover the whole place! Entrance fee to the park was RMB15 for adults and RMB7.50 for children above 1.3m in height. 

We managed to catch the International Flower Show too. Now, get ready for loads of flower pics ;)

We entered from Entrance 4 of the park (from the nearest Metro Line 3, Shi Long Road Station)

Like all other parks with tulips, this is always our favourite section!

Surprisingly, many of the spring blossoms here were still in full bloom while the same ones in our neighbourhood parks are no longer in sight...

Bumper car ride at the amusement park

All the bridges were so nicely decorated!


  1. What a nice outing to the park.Your photos are beautifully taken, especially the close up of the lovely flowers. Thank you! A visit here is definitely worth the entrance price you paid.

  2. Hello HL and Chloe...long time no see. Lovely leh.

  3. So lucky you are to be able to enjoy Spring's blossoms! I hope someday soon to take my children somewhere to enjoy it too.


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