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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Back for Good

*Clears cobwebs*

Hello everybuddy! 

Phew! It has been a whirlwind homecoming since our return on 5th September 2015. Yes, we've finally moved back to Malaysia and we are now in PENANG!

Life in Shanghai has been great. We've had the best of almost everything in Shanghai but nothing beats the comforts of home. Despite being relocated up north (of the peninsular) and being home away from home, we still feel very happy and thankful to be back on Malaysian soil.

Goodbye 上海 Shanghai...

Hello 北海 Butterworth! (from "upper sea" to "northern sea" haha) 

Here's just a short update for now. Hope to be able to revive this blog soon. So much has happened since the previous post (what? 8 months ago?!) no thanks to China's great firewall for robbing us of our internet freedom. 


  1. Welcome home. Penang is great especially during the durian season :D

  2. Welcome back to Malaysia, and welcome to Penang! We are now "state-mates" :).


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