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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

3 Memorable Years at SSIS

This is an old school update of my previous school in Shanghai. I studied at the Shanghai Singapore International School from Grade 1 to 3. These 3 years could be one of the best times of my schooling life. It is indeed a privilege to be able to experience the fun and interesting learning environment in an international school.

Saying goodbye and leaving this school was the saddest thing ever. I missed my friends very much and cried on my last day of school. Here are some photos of my school for remembrance and some of my Grade 3 activity updates...

My school bus.... the most important "connector" that brought me to and from school daily. Riding on this school bus was rather eventful too. It got involved in a minor road accident once but fortunately, no one was hurt.

The main entrance of my school

The main blocks (classrooms)

Another view of the main buildings

The classroom corridor

My Grade 1 classroom

Outside my Grade 2 classroom

The girls' washroom

Track and field 

Playground for preschoolers and lower primary pupils

Vegetable patch. Each class had a designated plot to plant various types of organic vegetables (which was then harvested and brought home)

In the gymnasium

Some of my school activity updates:

Grade 3 Sports Day (held in Nov 2014, yes this is super outdated haha!)

I took part in the Grade 3 girls' 60m sprint and 300m run

And won medals in both events (there were only 4 participants in each race so everyone was a winner hehe)

Me and my medals :)

International Friendship Day concert (April 2015)

I took part in an instrument march

The grand finale. The highlight of the concert was a Broadway Musical, One Singular Sensation. It was a stunning performance!  

Took part in a compulsory inter-class debate (Should animals live in the wild or in captivity)

There was a topic on Bak Kut Teh in one of our Chinese Language textbook (Singapore syllabus) so our teacher arranged for a mini cooking activity. We had so much fun cooking and eating BKT!

One of my school projects done using the school's iPad

One of the many science experiments that I loved doing (this pic was taken just because I was in it :p)

I learned to play the yangqin (Chinese string-xylophone) for one of the co-curricular activities. In this pic, I was performing the Doraemon theme song in one of the school events.

The end of the final exams revealed some surprising results. I was one of the top achievers in my grade! 

I won the i4C Award (for core values) from my class teacher

I was the top scorer for the English Language (only one prize for each grade)

Also a top scorer for Science. It was a score-tie with a Japanese boy. We both scored full marks of 100%

With my BFFs, Meng Yuan and Erica

Another BFF, Karen (we had frequent playdates together)

With my English teacher, Mr Kriska

Ma, I did it!! Pa, I did it!!

The best souvenirs to remember SSIS by


  1. So much happy memories of SSIS! It must have been a joyous time studying there.

  2. Such a lovely schooling environment you have there. How are you adjusting to life in Penang? Are you having fun in your new school? How are your new friends over there? Hope all is well with you and your mom :)


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