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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Turning 10

I turned TEN on 13th August 2016. How did I feel about having a double digit age number now? "Nothing". "Don't know". "Happy lor"...

On the eve of my birthday (which fell on a Friday), everything went on as usual. I went to school, came home and did my homework, got nagged a bit by mummy, washed my school shoes as usual etc.. When daddy returned home after work in the evening, we went out for dinner....and came home with a birthday cake...

I hinted my desire to have an ice-cream cake, so an ice-cream cake was what I got :)

Alas, I didn't get the cake of my choice. I wanted the pink bunny one but it was not available on that day. We settled for this little fairy one because it came in the flavour that we liked - Jamoca Almond Fudge 

It was a quiet affair at home, celebrated with just daddy and mummy

10 years old, sporting the shortest hairstyle in my life! (Chinese school requirement)

The next day, on my actual birthday, we went for a 2D1N staycation in Penang. Yes, our favourite special-occasion-hotel-stay-tradition is still on *grin*. Before checking in, we dropped by Queensbay Mall for lunch...

Birthday lunch at Plan B... I had some creamy prawn pasta

Our home for one night - Lexis Suites, Bayan Lepas, Penang

The suite was quite big but half of it was taken up by the unnecessarily huge bathroom

Mini private pool in the balcony

We did a lot of silly things here and had so much fun!

Young lady chilling at the hotel's pool side

Just like that, I'm ten years old already! 


  1. Happy 10th birthday Chloe! wow...2 digits already! She has changed and grown up so much. But yes, the part that didn't change was the hotel staycation part. hehe... i chuckled when I read that ;-)


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