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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Out of Control

I like to play with this remote-control car although I don't quite know how to "manoeuvre" it yet. Just by simply pressing the buttons and seeing the car move in all directions is enough to make me happy.

Not only am I not able to control the direction of the car, I can't control my itchy fingers from snapping the antenna of the controller too...

Daddy gave me a long lecture soon after that. Here's a summarised version of our little "talk".

Daddy: Who broke this?
Me: Me
Daddy: Is it a right thing to do?
Me: Yes
Daddy: Yes??
Me: No
Daddy: Did you do anything wrong?
Me: Yes
Daddy: Give me your hand. Which hand broke it?
Me: *Sensing trouble, I kept my hands to myself and just said NO to the rest of the questions* No
Daddy: Is it this hand?
Me: No
Daddy: Give me your hand. Have to "beat-beat".
Me: No
Daddy: What no? Do you want "beat-beat" or do you want to stand and hold your ears?
Me: I want to stand.
Daddy: OK, stand and hold your ears...

Time-out: Little Miss Itchy Fingers serving her punishment

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Little Red Chair

At last. I finally got my little red chair to match my little red table. It was bought and lugged home by Kau-foo all the way from Singapore.

After our 7th or 8th futile attempt to get this chair from the Ikea here (something is VERY wrong with their re-stocking system here), mummy gave up trying and asked Kau-foo to get it for us from Singapore. Plus, it's cheaper too, even after the currency conversion!

New chair, new ugly face

... and new passion to do my homework

Thank you, Kau-foo! I like it very much and I've been extra diligent in doing my "homework" since I got the chair, be it writing, drawing or colouring.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Bias Remark

We were in Seremban, just minutes prior to our return to PJ, when Gung-gung and I were enjoying a light conversation. Sitting squeezed together in an armchair, we talked and laughed like old friends did...

Gung-gung: You stay here, don't go home, ok?
Me: Okay
Gung-gung: (To reaffirm his earlier statement) Daddy and mummy are going home. You stay here with Gung-gung and Ah Ma. Gung-gung will take care of you, cook for you... ok?
Me: You can cook meh?
Gung-gung: ................... (then *hahahaha* in the heart)

Gung-gung: Ok, Gung-gung can't cook so who can cook?
Me: Mummy can cook. Ah Ma can cook.
Gung-gung: What about your daddy?
Me: No, daddy also cannot cook. Boys can't cook.
Gung-gung: ...................... (*hahahaha* in the heart again and turned to mummy for questioning)

Mummy quickly went into defensive mode and said "Hey, I didn't teach her that!!"

Saturday, June 27, 2009

No Durians, Please

Ewww! What's that foul stench? Quick, get it away from me!

No, no, no... no way am I going to touch this yucky stuff.

Gung-gung bought some D24 durians home today. Later, I stared in disgust as everyone devoured this overly-repulsive mush they called a "fruit", a delicacy.

I can't believe that this thing has actually made its way into my tummy before. I really do not know HOW that happened...

The China Doll

Ah Ma bought these outfits for me on her trip to China a few months back. Mummy decided not to wait until Chinese New Year to put them on for me because they might not fit anymore...

Little ah moi in her red-floral sam-fu

Little ah moi posing in another oriental-inspired outfit

Friday, June 26, 2009

I Love My Milk!

I am a milk girl. I love my milk and can't give it up just yet. I still take three servings (8oz each) every day and it has to be strictly from the bottle only... so that I can lie down and "heong sau" (enjoy)...

This afternoon, after finishing the second serving for the day, I sat up, handed the empty bottle to mummy and said "Mmmm..... I LOVE my milk!" while smacking my lips.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Neat Artist

I kept bugging mummy to let me paint the bathroom wall again today. Mummy said NO cos the walls are still clean and they aren't due for washing yet so she let me paint on the art block instead..

This time, I was exempted from removing my clothes, and mummy did not even line the floor with newspapers because she trusted my disposition of being clean and fussy like her :-D True enough, at the end of the session, there wasn't a single stray dot on the floor or my clothes. Mummy was so proud of me!

Everything else was spotless except for this masterpiece, with everything looking very "spotty"!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boiling Phone Porridge

First of all, this is not even a toy phone. Although I have a few toy phones around, I still prefer this make-believe one. Every time mummy's phone rings, I will run along to grab this "phone" of mine as well, pretending that someone's calling me too.

Well, I was caught gossiping over the "phone" today.

Mummy kept giggling to herself when she heard my monologue which went something like this...
Hello? Yes? Mm... Mm.. *whisper* *whisper* What do you mean? Hah? Sure or not? Mm... Mm... Don't forget to put seatbelt when you go in the car hah. OK thanks. Bye!

Haha! I was so, so, so cute!! She asked me who was on the other line and I said "You lah. Mummy lah". When asked to re-enact that conversation so that mummy could video me, I stubbornly refused to...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Quality Family Time

One of my favourite time of the day is our family bonding time just before bedtime. I just love the quality family time spent in the bedroom with daddy and mummy... rolling on the bed, reflecting on our day, talking about what happened, tickling each other, telling jokes, exchanging hugs and kisses, saying I Love You to each other over and over again, giggling happily etc.

Aah... *contented* it is important to go to bed with a smile

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Muffin Man

Koo-koo baked us some yummy muffins today...

However, due to a nursery rhyme intervention, I kept referring to it as the Muffin Man haha! For the rest of the day, I was like...

~ I want to eat the Muffin Man.
~ Who made this Muffin Man?
~ Mmm... the Muffin Man is very delicious.

Have you seen the muffin man,
The muffin man, the muffin man,
Have you seen the muffin man,
Who lives on Drury Lane.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Then and Now

Mummy says I look totally different now compared to my baby days. I've changed so much, I am a totally new person now.

At 5 months old

Now (34 months old)

The only thing that remained unchanged is.... that Mickey-ears hat, of course! Daddy and mummy got it for me (free) at a Playhouse Disney roadshow when I was a little baby...

34 Months Old

Sometimes, looking at my height, stature and character, it's hard for one to believe that I am not yet 3. At only 2 years 10 months, I don't think I fit into the toddler category anymore.

- Height: 99cm Weight: Apprx 16kg
- I understand reasoning very well. Sometimes when I've done something wrong, I can even self-correct before mummy says anything
- I am also good at detecting other people's (esp daddy and mummy's) mistakes and will correct them and sometimes laugh too
- Still very shy with strangers (esp men). I will try to avoid eye-contact with them as much as I can, no matter how much daddy and mummy coax me to "call" them.

Friday, June 12, 2009

You Think...

Sometimes I really act like a little old lady and this never fails to put a smile on mummy's face. This morning, I was so proud of this little thing that I did, I quickly ran to mummy to seek her opinion, asking:

"Mummy, you think whether I'm leng-leng (pretty) or not? You think...."

What do you think? After clipping two hair-clips at the back of my head, I must have felt very pretty hehehe...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Don't Want the Esophagus

I quite enjoy eating asparagus in whatever ways that mummy cooks for me. However, on this particular day, one of the ingredients in my favourite noodle is asparagus. Not wanting anything else to "spoil" the taste of my favourite noodle, I told mummy "I don't want the esophagus. Please take out the esophagus for me".

Mummy asked me to repeat it again and tuned her ears carefully to my words:

Me: The esophagus.... I don't want it...
Mummy: I'm sorry dear, whether you like it or not, mummy can't take out your esophagus for you haha :-p

I don't know why I keep mispronouncing asparagus as esophagus. According to mummy, the word esophagus is equally hard to pronounce but I always get it right instead.

Esophagus, anyone? Heh heh heh...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Painting the Town Purple

Err... painting the bathroom wall, actually. Today's activity is inspired by this mummy (actually mummy copy-cat her). When mummy first came across this idea, she thought "Never in a million years!". I think I understand why... because every month, she spends hours sweating and toiling in the bathroom to scrub and polish the bathroom tiles!

But then, she's also quite kiasu. When she saw those kids having so much fun, she wanted me to have that messy kind of fun too. Putting away her cleanaholic thoughts for once, she decided to do the same. Coincidentally, the monthly washing and scrubbing was also due, so she thought "Aiyah... why not?

I kept asking mummy "Why use hand? Why cannot use the brush?"

I was so careful about not getting myself soiled...I did not have a single drop of colour on my body at all (except for my hands).

Mummy look, my hand is sooooooo dirty. Let's stop. I wanna take my bath now. Fussy, fussy... (can't help it, it's in the genes)

The 3 dollops of primary colours became this. What appeared on the wall was mostly purple.

Tada... my masterpiece! Does it look like a tornado? or maybe something just went *splat* on the wall leaving its handprints on the sides?

In the end, it wasn't mummy who felt stressed over the mess. It was... surprise, surprise... me! Judging from my look, it's quite unlikely that I'd want to do it again.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Princess Sunnies

Yes, the Serial Spectacles Murderer got a new pair of sunglasses!

For many, many weeks, I've been begging mummy to buy me a pair of sunglasses. My reason? Daddy is wearing spectacles, mummy is wearing spectacles, I also want to wear spectacles.

This morning, I pleaded pitifully (almost in tears) to mummy "I want the Princess Sunglasses".

Mummy finally said OK and while we were out shopping today, she asked me to select one. I kept specifying that I wanted a Princess one but mummy didn't seem to understand my simple request and kept asking me all sorts of irritating questions...

Mummy: You want this Pooh one?
Me: No
Mummy: What about this Mickey Mouse one?
Me: NO!
Mummy: This Barbie one looks more trendy.
Me: Nooooooo
Mummy: Eh, this Tinkerbell one is also cute.
Me: I duuuuuuuuun waaaaaaaaaannnntttt!!! I said I want the Princess one!
Mummy: Ok, ok... Princess one (while thinking what a spoilt brat she has)
She "shortlisted" a few for me and I chose this one:

My purple Princess Belle sunnies

Happy at last...
Well, let's see how long this lasts before it gets "murdered"...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Little Miss Muffet

One of the many, many nursery rhymes that mummy taught me long ago was Little Miss Muffet. However, I seldom sang or recited them and just kept everything to myself. Only when I'm in the right mood, like today, I half-sang and half-recited it, much to mummy's delight...

Little Miss Muffet
Sat on the tuffet
Eating her curds and whey
Along came a spider
And sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Muffet away.

Laugh Until Vomit

I know, I'm infamous for my cry-until-vomit act but today, something totally the opposite happened.

I have just gulped down 8oz of milk (my afternoon "snack"). Soon after that, mummy said something really funny and I couldn't stop laughing. Seeing how tickled I was, she kept repeating it to make me laugh, and laugh... and laugh (Which mummy doesn't like to see her kid happy, right?)

Well, I laughed so hard until suddenly, I choked on my saliva and started coughing. I choked and coughed and gagged a little and before mummy could say "uh oh"... the 8oz of milk came gushing out of my mouth like a waterfall. Along with the milk, out came some scraps of grapes and pear that I've eaten earlier.

*Regret, regret* thought mummy. So much for trying to entertain a kid. Sigh...


Today, when mummy saw the lid of the fish tank opened like this...

Mummy: Why is the lid open?
Me: *Just stared at her without saying anything*
Mummy: Did you open it?
Me: Yes.
Mummy: For what? (she expected me to say that I wanted to feed it)
Me: For ventilation (with every single syllable pronounced clearly and accurately)

Fuuh... I must have given her a very good answer because she was speechless after that. Hehe.

Well, you are the one who taught me this word, mummy. Remember... everytime when you open the sliding door and I try to close it, you will say "Don't close it. We need some ventilation in the house". You have said that so many times, of course I know what you mean...

Masak-masak Part II

When mummy first bought me this masak-masak set, I was so hooked on it, I played with it practically everyday. After about a week, when I finally got bored of it, it was put aside, abandoned and forgotten...

... until 3 days ago when I took it out to play again. For 3 consecutive days (today is the 3rd day), I got hooked again on this long-forgotten toy.

The sitting chef... frying fish on my little stove

I like to ask mummy "What do you want to eat? I cook for you". I always cook this fish, which I would then split into two and say "We share this fish, ok?" *Aww... mummy thinks this is such a sweet gesture*

My signature dish... fried "hollow fish"

When pretending to "eat" the strawberry or the orange, sometimes I will say "Mmmm, very sweet!" and sometimes "Mmmm.... very sour!" So imaginative. When eating the banana, I will peel its imaginary skin first hahaha.

Sometimes, mummy will test me and ask me to cook the banana (or any of the other fruits) and I'll say "Nooooo... you cannot cook a banana". Well, maybe that's because I have yet to know what a pisang goreng is...

(Left pic) Why am I protecting the chopping board? If that's a real knife, cham lor. (Right pic) After mummy has taught me the proper way of holding the corn

Part 1 is here.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pancake Day

I just love it everytime mummy asks me this question: "Do you want to eat........ (smiles at me and lets me fill in the blank)?" I know she's always referring to something that I like.

Today, mummy filled in the above blanks with... PANCAKES. I was sooooo delighted, I told her "I want to eat it NOW!"

Everytime mummy makes pancakes, I will eat it for my morning snack, lunch (plus other add-ons) and afternoon snack. I can eat 5-6 pieces in one sitting! I think I can easily polish up this whole plate if mummy doesn't stop me...

I like my mini pancakes plain, without any jam, kaya, honey, syrup or any other spreads or toppings.

Mmmm.... better savour this to the max cos mummy doesn't make this very often...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Calling Her By Her Name

This morning, while mummy was coughing and clearing her throat, I approached her and asked in a loud and commanding tone:

"LHL (calling out her fullname), what is wrong with you??"

Mummy was, of course, shocked! And surprised. At that moment, she thought she had heard something funny rather than something rude so she didn't say anything (maybe giggling in her heart)... and just told me that her throat was itchy.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Butterfly Swimming Ring

Mummy bought me a butterfly swimming ring. I liked it so much that in the past 2 days, I kept playing with it. I also watched tv in it, walked around the house in it, sat on it, used it as a "bed", stepped on it, threw it around, hugged and adored it etc.

And of course, I swam in it too.

Having a splashing good time with Hayley jie-jie

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